Development Toys for Babies: A Lovevery Review

Baby toys. Something every home with babies has absolutely no shortage of, it seems. 

They appear out of nowhere. You will find play mats, musical toys, developmental toys, and more, each one more highly recommended by developmental experts than the previous one. Enter Lovevery.

For those new to the game, Lovevery is a subscription play kit that regularly comes right to your front door. Each package boasts toys for babies sure to entertain and encourage learning at every developmental stage.

If you have been considering a Lovevery subscription, or any toy subscription, read on for our review of Lovevery. We think you’ll fall in love with it. Click here for your own Lovevery subscriptionOpens in a new tab.!

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baby with lovevery toys

Why Toys for Babies Matter

Take a walk through the baby section at Target (or any department type store), and you will see countless developmental toys for babies. It can honestly be overwhelming. One might ask themselves just how many toys a baby needs.

Add to the fact that these toys are not cheap. Price tags for toys for babies that encourage learning and development can range from $20 up to the hundreds. Parents are stuck considering what toys they need to buy and how much they need to spend.

Often, a parent or friend purchases a new toy, often with rave reviews from development experts, only to see the toy immediately shoved aside. No matter how hard parents try, there are some toys their baby will never like, no matter how many bright colors or sensory stimulating features there are.

So, why all the toys for babies? Why do parents, along with friends and family, feel the need to fill their homes with toys?

The short answer is because toys are not just toys. Toys for babies help them learn and discover more about their world. A play mat is not just a brightly colored mat to distract a baby. A play mat encourages the development of motor skills, stimulates their senses, introduces them to new colors and textures, and helps them make connections to the world around them.

Babies and toddlers’ brains are developing at astounding rates. In their first year of life, their brain will double in sizeOpens in a new tab.. Their brains work overtime to connect synapses, which is the basis for learning for the rest of their lives.

The more developmental toys for babies you have, the more your baby’s brain can develop. So, go get those playmats, board books, musical toys, Baby Einstein activities, and other sensory-stimulating developmental toys for babies.

Or, to make your job easier, purchase a Lovevery subscriptionOpens in a new tab. today for your little one.

baby with lovevery toys

Why Choose Lovevery

The average parent is not a child development expert. This is probably a good thing, honestly. However, because most parents are not well-educated in how their children develop, they might not know how to pick the best toys that truly encourage development.

Spoiler alert: all toys are not made equally.

If you are tired of wasting money on toys that end up being unwanted decorations in your home, why not seek developmental experts’ help? After all, how many of us tackle technical home improvement projects without consulting or hiring an expert in that field?

If you wouldn’t install a new toilet or light fixture because you aren’t trained, why not “hire out” choosing developmental toys for babies?

Enter Lovevery. Join Lovevery todayOpens in a new tab.!

What is Lovevery?

Lovevery offers toys specifically designed for babies. And more than just designed for babies, they are hand-chosen by child development experts to perfectly line up with developmental stages as babies and toddlers grow and learn.

Lovevery experts do the hard work for you. They understand how babies’ brains develop and curate boxes for small age groups. There is a new box for every two-three month age group.

A fantastic option that Lovevery offers is a stand-alone option. You can subscribe to Lovevery for less than $40 a month, or you can choose a solo kit that starts at $80. This way, you can decide how many toys are coming into your home each month.

Every toy in every box is more than just a toy. These developmental toys for babies are specifically designed and chosen to encourage brain growth and development in babies.

baby with lovevery toys

What is in Each Lovevery Box?

If you have followed along and agree that what toys you give your baby is essential, you might be wondering what Lovevery puts in each box that is so good for their development. The answer depends on what age the box is for and what type of box you ordered.

However, you can expect certain things in every box, no matter what age it is for. One of the absolute best things about Lovevery is that each kit comes with a comprehensive guide for parents.

This guide tells you what each toy is, how to introduce the toy to your child, and how best to use it to encourage development.

You can absolutely expect age-appropriate toys based on developmental stages your baby goes through. The newborn box will contain mostly high-contrast toys that encourage your baby to make connections between their eyes and brain.

As your baby gets older, boxes will get more complex and deal with multiple skills. For example, a box might encourage seeing and hearing something and how to relate the two, along with cause and effect.

As a toddler, your Lovevery box helps your child learn to relate to the world around them. You might get a pretend wallet or home-making toys.

Learn more about Lovevery hereOpens in a new tab.!

baby with lovevery toys

Why Choose Lovevery?

There are so many reasons to choose a Lovevery play kit!

  1. You won’t be wasting money on toys that will sit on a shelf or in a bucket and never be used.
  2. The guess-work is removed when it comes to choosing toys for your developing child.
  3. You are investing in high-quality developmental toys for babies.
  4. Lovevery is committed to using nontoxic materials and certified organic cotton in their items. You will not have to worry about the safety of your baby or toddler.
  5. The value is actually great! Each toy is around $10 when you divide out the costs–similar or even cheaper than toys from a store.
  6. You care about how your baby grows and learns, so does Lovevery! They have certified child development experts on staff, ensuring everything that comes to your house is beneficial to your babies quickly growing and changing minds.
  7. You will save SO. MUCH. TIME. not having to scour and research multiple toys for different developmental ages. Let the experts do the work for you.
  8. Lovevery understands that kids develop at different rates. So, the infant boxes are divided into two-month gaps, while the toddler boxes are divided into three-month gaps.
  9. There is a thorough guide that comes with each kit, so you won’t have to figure out how or when to use the toy or what it is intended to develop. As a bonus, these guides give you developmental tips for your child, so you know what stage they are at all the time.
  10. In a time of having everything at your fingertips, why not developmentally appropriate toys for your child. Groceries delivered? Check. Clothes delivered? Check. Toys for babies? Check.

lovevery gift box

At Twin Cities Kids Club, we sincerely hope you will give Lovevery a try. We are very confident you (and your baby!) will get so much out of them. Click here to join Lovevery nowOpens in a new tab.!

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