7 Yard Games for Kids to Play This Summer

Though we all have our differences, we can all agree on one thing: A child’s laughter is one of the most magnificent sounds on earth. Hearing and seeing your children have fun can brighten your whole day. 

And luckily, summer lends itself to endless happy memories and opportunities for laughter.

There are many ways that you can make this the most epic, fun-filled summer your kids have ever experienced. You don’t even need to go far to have fun. 

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You can have a blast in your own backyard. Yard games for kids can be a great way for the entire family to enjoy an afternoon. The best part of all is that many yard games for kids need little to no preparation and won’t break the bank. All you need are some kids and a little imagination. 

family playing with water balloons outside

1. Water Balloon Toss

Never underestimate a child’s love for playing with water. This classic game will make a sweltering day more fun and bearable as it cools you all down. 

Buy some packs of water balloons, fill up a giant bucket, and your off to the races. If you have multiple kids at your house, have them stand in front of each other and try to toss the balloons back and forth until one drops a balloon. 

To make it more interesting, have the kids try throwing it different ways to their partners. Or you can have them move further apart every so often. 

The beauty of water balloons is that once you have them, you can do a toss between partners, or you could have a balloon fight free for all. Your choice; Either way, it will have the laughs coming for hours.  

2. Gigantic Jenga

The great thing about Jenga, for anyone of any age, is that not only is it fun, it also really works your brain. The look on your kids’ faces when they are figuring out how to keep the tower standings will be priceless. 

To make a giant Jenga, you will need:

  • 2×4 wood pieces cut at 10 ½” length each
  • Saw to cut wood blocks
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint (optional)

You will need a total of 54 wood blocks. Their dimensions should be 2x4x10 ½.  Once you cut the blocks, you should use sandpaper to smooth out the edges and make them safe from splinters. 

To make the Jenga tower look more fun, you can also paint the blocks. Whether you paint just the ends or the entire block, the weaving pattern of Jenga will make it visually more appealing.

While this game requires some prep work beforehand, rest assured that this game will provide your family and friends endless hours of fun. 

3. Balloon Fun with Darts

If you have a large piece of cardboard and some old birthday balloons, you are halfway to making a balloon dart game. And before you worry about the safety of playing darts with children, I assure you, you can make it extremely kid-friendly.

If you look at many websites online like Amazon and Target, you can find many packets of “soft tip darts” that are inexpensive and designed for kids. 

These types of darts are not sharp enough to hurt a child, but can definitely pop a balloon it makes contact with.

For older children, write points on the balloons and have them calculate their totals to figure out who the winner is. 

child playing with chalk on sidewalk or street

4. Use Chalk to Create An Obstacle Course

Chalk has been bringing smiles to children’s faces for as long as anyone can remember. Why not put a twist on the old activity? This game is guaranteed to have them smiling and bring out their creative side. 

Have the kids who will be playing help you in obstacle making process. Parts of it can be hopscotch, and parts can be dance steps they have to complete or have them follow a pattern (S pattern, etc.) 

If the kids are old enough to read, add in directions to a section of the obstacle like “Stomp and Roar” or “spin in a circle.”

5. Water Gun Fight

Buy a few water guns at the dollar store, and it will be money well spent. We already know that kids LOVE water. But what do they love even more? Soaking their friends with it. 

Leave a large bucket of water outside for them to refill their guns whenever they need, and the kids will be playing out in the yard forever. 

The kids can play as individuals or create teams to play. If you are hit, you are out — last man standing wins. This is an excellent game for parents to get involved with too.

6. Freeze Tag

Just like water balloon games and chalk, this one has been around forever. For a good reason; It doesn’t cost a thing but provides endless fun. 

Set up boundaries for the kids beforehand to make sure the game is played safely, especially if it is played in a public area or in an un-fenced front yard. The kids will love hiding behind anything they find; trees, posts, etc. 

For this game, the more kids playing, the better. If you are at home and know some of the kids in the neighborhood, make sure to invite them over to join your kids in the fun. 

7. Potato Sack Race

Yard games for kids can get pretty competitive; Especially when it means running a race against your friends while in a potato sack. 

You can buy potato sacks online or at party stores for virtually nothing, and they will last you a long time. You can even use old pillowcases if you are looking for a same day activity for the kids.

Maybe you want to get some parents involved in the game too or want the kids to work on their partner skills? Make it a three-legged sack race, and you are good to go. 

kids having potato sack race

Make This Summer The Best Yet

With all of the options of yard games for kids, you will feel like you don’t have nearly enough time to play before school starts again. 

These games will have your kids begging to go outside and play for hours instead of spending time in front of a screen. And in the process, these games will allow you and your kids to build lasting memories. 

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