4 Reasons to Start Holiday Shopping For Your Kids Early

Are you a busy parent that has a lot going on during the holidays? We don’t blame you. Holiday stress is impossible to avoid, and the pressure to buy gifts for kids makes everything worse.

It’s easy to put it off gift shopping until the last minute when you have parties to attend, family gatherings to plan, and adult gifts to purchase. However, you might want to prioritize shopping for your kids above all of your other holiday duties this year. 

What makes holiday shopping for kids urgent? Consider the following four perks of shopping early this holiday season. 

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1. You’ll Avoid the Holiday Shopper’s Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever driven all the way to a store to purchase a child the #1 item on their wishlist only to find out it’s sold out once you arrive? It’s every parent’s nightmare around the holidays. 

You can try to order it for delivery or in-store pickup, but there may be a backorder due to supply chain issues, and the present might not be ready to unwrap in time. It’s suddenly up to you to do plenty of research and find the product in another store or online. If you do eventually get it under the tree, it’s going to be because you had to put a lot of time and effort in at the last minute, and that’s never ideal. 

Tracking down a hard-to-get gift takes up way more time than you ever anticipated and leads to unnecessary holiday stress. Instead, order the gift on Black Friday or earlier if possible for the best deal. 

If your child is into a limited-edition-only gift or eager to go to a concert in the upcoming year, you want to check when the sale begins, and that’s usually early in the season. If you miss it, it could be expensive to get a used copy on the resale market. So, we recommend planning to purchase these exclusive gifts way earlier than you would normally.

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2. Good Deals Start Early 

Waiting until after Black Friday deals to do your holiday shopping can be a big risk financially. Supply chain issuesOpens in a new tab. and high demand for popular items will lead to sell-outs. And, these products will also be more expensive as December approaches. 

Checking online for deals as early as October gives you a greater chance of securing the gifts on your list for a reasonable price. Tickets for holiday-themed events also go on sale before the start of December, and these early-bird prices are usually much more affordable than peak season tickets.

If you’re worried about going over your holiday spending budget, remember that you’re more likely to save on gifts if you shop early.

A flatbed truck with a large Christmas gift on the back, representing holiday shipping delays.

3. Meet Holiday Shipping Deadlines 

Making sure your package arrives on time requires planning weeks in advance. Between the annual slowdown at the post office and the continued supply chain issues, meeting shipping deadlinesOpens in a new tab. remains one of the biggest causes of holiday stress. Even mega e-commerce sites like Amazon (which offer one and two-day shipping) struggle with shipping delays during the holidays.

Companies will have their estimated delivery times and any delays posted on their websites or at the checkout window. Ordering ahead will guarantee the newest Squishmallow or Christmas-themed Lego set will be delivered to your door right on time.

A family of four with their dog taking a selfie on their couch with their Christmas tree in the background.

4. Enjoy More Time Spent With Family

The holidays only come once a year, and it’s never fun to spend all of December stressing about your plans and gift-giving. Instead, get shopping done early, so you have more time to make memories with your family.

You may even want to consider making one of your gifts an experience that turns into a holiday traditionOpens in a new tab.. You can book a trip or reservation for a holiday-themed family fun night early and consider the special day a break from other holiday stressors. This way, you take the pressure to have a wrapped product under the tree and get to enjoy a fun event together as part of your children’s gifts. 

Get Ready For Holiday Shopping Season Now

Two kids holding Christmas gifts in front of a Christmas tree

Completing your holiday shopping early will not only reduce the stress of finding top wishlist gifts but will give you more opportunities to spend the holidays relaxing with your family. Seeing the smile on your child’s face after receiving their new favorite toy is always worth the effort, but it’s possible to secure gifts easily when you shop earlier in the year. 

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