33 Inclusive Playgrounds Near the Twin Cities

A brightly colored inclusive playground.

The Twin Cities are home to numerous parks for families with children. There are so many to explore that you could find a new park every weekend! These parks all have inclusive playgrounds, so every child can have the opportunity to join in on the fun. 

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Now let’s jump into our list of the 32 most inclusive playgrounds the Twin Cities has to offer! And view our map here!

1. Andrews Park

Andrews Park is a family favorite in Champlin, MN. Along with a fantastic splash pad, there are plenty of shaded areas and shelter when it’s time to rest. 

There are walking trails, tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields, and a volleyball net for sports fanatics. Even your teenagers will find themselves fully engaging and having fun!

2. Baker Park Reserve

Baker Park Reserve is proud of its inclusive playground design. It is just outside the Twin Cities in Maple Plain. The play area is divided into three sections: preschool play, five years and up, and a challenge course for older kids. The best part of the park is the 100-foot zip line!

3. Bassett’s Creek Park

 If you are looking for outdoor play areas in Minneapolis, then consider Bassett’s Creek Park. You’ll find a playground and tot lot. 

There is a sand area and towers and spinners. There are also picnic tables, so pack a lunch to enjoy with your family as you play the day away.

4. Becker Park Inclusive Playground

What makes this playground in Crystal inclusive? The inclusive play area is over 14,000 square feet. But there are other opportunities for children that put the park at the top of the list, including: 

  • Innovative wheelchair-accessible playground equipment 
  • Challenging net climbers
  • Splash Pad
  • Smiling children everywhere! 

5. Bossen Field Park 

Looking for outdoor play in the city of Minneapolis? Bossen Field Park has a playground for your energetic little ones as well as giant BLOQX. 

The park has play equipment, gym equipment, and sports fields. Older children can benefit from practicing their outdoor sports while their younger siblings enjoy the play areas. 

6. Central Gym Park 

This playground is at the heart of Minneapolis. It is why it tops our list of one of the best Minneapolis parks! 

With a new tot lot, it offers a unique play experience for those under five. There is a separate play area for 5-12-year-olds. They also have sports fields, a wading pool, a zipline, and even a free library. 

7. Central Park 

The Central Park in Maple Grove, Minnesota, is a playground for all ages. It is a favorite, offering: 

  • Illuminated splash fountains
  • Seven separate play areas
  • 24-foot climbing tower
  • Concessions
  • Garden and labyrinth

You are guaranteed a day full of memories at this inclusive playground. 

8. Colvill Park Universal Playground 

This park is just outside the Twin Cities in Red Wing, Minnesota. The playground equipment here includes various swings and slides. 

You’ll find two separate play structures and a universal, inclusive playground. There are also picnic areas and shelters when you are ready to sit back and relax after play. 

9. Elm Creek Park Reserve’s Play Area 

Elk Creek Park in maple Grove, MN
Photo courtesy of Three Rivers Parks

Elm Creek has always been a popular park in Maple Grove. The inclusive play spaces are designed for fun for both children and adults! What makes it such an awesome place to spend the day? 

  • A sandbox for kids to dig for dino bones
  • Saucer swings
  • A spectacular climbing wall
  • Zipline
  • A special toddler play area and a rubberized play surface

Need we say more? Make sure to put it on your summer list of playgrounds to visit! 

10. French Regional Park

The French Play Area
Photo courtesy of Three Rivers Parks

This park in Plymouth, Minnesota, has many features that create an inclusive experience. You’ll find a smaller playground for younger children, six slides, a splash pad, and a 29-foot tower. 

There is also a cargo net play area perfect for children 5-12 years old. Also important to note is that there is ADA accessible decking throughout the second level

11. Grassmann Park 


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This fantastic park in Jordan, MN, features a ninja warrior course that has two options. One is for 5-12-year-olds, and the other is for 12 years and up. 

There are also plenty of walking paths and ball fields. The paved trail goes around the park so take a stroll while the kids are fighting the course! 

12. Hyland Play Area

Hyland Play Area is an inclusive playground in MN
Photo courtesy of Three Rivers Parks

The Hyland play area in Bloomington is a play experience that is inclusive for all. There are slides up to fifty feet long, climbing ropes, climbing walls, and water misting stations. 

You can have a blast at any age! There is a dedicated play area for kids under five and those with disabilities. 

13. Inspiration Park 

Barb King Inspiration Park
Photo courtesy of The City of Delano

This park in Delano, MN, has an accessible playground for children aged 2 to 12. There is a merry-go-round that is wheelchair accessible. An innovative feature is its outdoor workout equipment that will leave parents feeling great after getting their sweat on! 

14. John Ward Park, aka Rocket Park

Slides, slides, and more slides are what you’ll find at this Anoka playground. It is also rocket-themed, so that makes it pretty unique! 

There are also climbing structures and a skate park right next to the playground. Don’t let your kids forget their skateboards! 

15. Lake Minnetonka Regional Park Playground

Lake Minnetonka State Park Playground
Photo courtesy of Three Rivers Parks

 This inclusive park in Minnetrista has an enormous play area: 20,000 square feet! All of that space means there are picnic areas and plenty of shade when it’s time to take a break! The nautical-themed play environment is popular for kids of all ages and abilities. 

16. Lake Rebecca Park Reserve 

Lake Rebecca Playground in MN
Photo courtesy of Three Rivers Parks

A short drive outside the Twin Cities will bring you to Lake Rebecca Park Reserve in Rockford, MN. A spectacular play experience at the park includes: 

  • Big woods-themed playground
  • Aimed at children ages 5 to 12
  • A scavenger hunt for various animals hidden among the play structures
  • Steep hills and lots of steps

There are also plenty of picnic tables and grills, so make a day of it!  

17. Lions Park 

Lions Park in Shakopee, MN, is designed inclusive with sensory activities for all ages. There is also a splash pad and a zip line at this park. 

We also love that this park has a disc golf course and other sports courts and fields. Sports fanatics will have plenty to enjoy! 

And yes, there is space for picnics and grilling dinner. You can play, have lunch, and go back to play some more! 

18. Madison’s Place Playground 

A 16,0000 square-foot inclusive playground in Woodbury, Minnesota, this playground has plenty of sensory play equipment. The park has ramps for wheelchair access. 

You’ll find swings, rubber playground flooring, and a splash pad! Take advantage of the sun-shaded play decks! 

19. Midway Peace Park 

Midway Peace Park in St. Paul, Minnesota, is newly renovated with unique features, including the new Lex-Ham scavenger hunt. 

The scavenger hunt can be found here. There are printed copies available at Yellowbird Coffee Bar as well!

20. Miller Park 

Near Eden Prairie? Consider Miller Park for an easily accessible, inclusive playground. It is a special park as it allows non-mobile children and adults to reach all levels of the play structure. You will also find: 

  • A Sand Area
  • Splash Pad
  • Picnic Area
  • Fishing Pier

21. North Loop Playground 

The North Look Playground in Minneapolis has separate play areas for younger and older children. There is also a roller slide, and a sidewalk surrounds it for running or biking. Kids will also have fun with the animal track “scavenger hunt” unique to the park. 

22. North Mankato Caswell Park (Fallenstein Playground) 

Fallenstein Playground in North Mankato
Photo courtesy of North Mankato

In North Mankato, Fallenstein Playground is all-inclusive, allowing children of all abilities the opportunity for fun and adventure. Features of the park include:

  • Accessible surface for children who use wheelchairs and other mobility aids.
  • Shaded canopies around play structures
  • Picnic Area
  • Rubberized surface
  • Zipline

23. Northwest Greenway Challenge Course 

This challenging course in Plymouth, Minnesota, is the perfect play course for older children. There are unique challenges involving netting for climbing, balancing, and improving agility. 

It’s a place to practice becoming a true warrior! 

24. Ojibway Park 

An inclusively designed park in Woodbury, Minnesota, it has an excellent playground for school-aged children. 

Some play areas are more accessible than others. For active kids, there is a net climber and a skate park. Picnic areas and restrooms are available if you plan to spend the afternoon at the park. 

25. Phelps Field Park 

Phelps Field Park in Minneapolis is both a unique and challenging playground. There is a little free library to exchange or to bring some books to donate. There is a plan to install a splash pad in the near future. 

26. Round Lake Park 

Are you looking for more inclusive playgrounds in the suburbs? Round Lake Park in Eden Prairie is an excellent park with some perks. It has a splash pad, a playground for all ages, a picnic area, a skate park, and tennis courts! 

27. Schaper Park 


In Golden Valley, MN, you will find Schaper Park. It is an inclusive play area, but its best feature is the ninja course designed for children and adults of all abilities. There is a small play area for younger children as well. Other unique finds at the park include: 

  • Astroturf
  • 40-meter dash track has a timer to test your sprint speed
  • Benches and small bleachers for sitting

It is a popular destination, so you may want to consider visiting on a weekday versus a weekend visit! 

28. Sibley Park 

Sibley Park is in Mankato and is connected to Sibley Farm (bring quarters to feed the animals.)

It is a storybook farm-themed playground. There are also walking trails, a gazebo, and you’ll find fishing along the Minnesota River. 

There are plenty of picnicking areas to make it a lovely day adventure. 

29. Teddy Bear Park 

A tree slide at Teddy Bear Park in MN
Photo courtesy of the City of Stillwater

Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater is a popular park, and it’s important to point out that it is FREE! There is play equipment for younger children under 7. The park has an amphitheater. 

There’s also a gazebo with benches as in the summer there are many programs scheduled for children often at the park. 

30. Wabun Picnic Area 

This park in Minneapolis has an all-inclusive play area and a fun spraying rock structure. 70% of the playground equipment is wheelchair accessible. It is the only park with a 1930s inspired play car. It also has “cabin-like” spaces and a shady sand play area for younger kids. 

31. Willmar Destination Playground 

Willmar's Destination Playground.
Photo courtesy of City of Willmar

In Willmar, Minnesota, you will find the Willmar Destination Playground, inclusive of fun for all ages. It is 19,000 square feet of fun! It is wheelchair friendly with accessible ramps and a liberty swing to accommodate those in wheelchairs. 

32. Woodridge Park 


Woodridge Park is the largest inclusive park in Minnesota! It is in Cottage Grove and is over 23,000 square feet! Special features include:

  • Climbing wall
  • Music instruments
  • Zipline
  • Swings
  • A picnic shelter
  • Many opportunities for sensory play

It is well worth the visit to give the kids the chance to take in all it offers! 

33. Zachary Playfield 

Zachary Playfield in Plymouth offers obstacle courses, musical instruments, and plenty of play areas for children. There are various swings to visit to relax and enjoy a little piece of your inner child. 

Looking for Fun and Entertainment for the Family? We Got You Covered!

Swings for children with special needs. You might see swings like these at an inclusive playground.

We are sure you will bond and create memories while visiting some of these fantastic playgrounds this summer. Looking for more information about Twin Cities playgrounds? Check out our post on the Playground Buddy App

And don’t forget to join Twin Cities Kids Club for more fun and adventure for YOUR family!


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