Find Parks Near You With the Playground Buddy App

Kids on play equipment after using the Playground Buddy App to find a new park.

It’s midsummer. Your child’s school has been out for a while, the weather is perfect, and you’ve exhausted your local family-friendly hangouts. If you want to explore new play area options near home, check out the Playground Buddy app.

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Playground Buddy App to the Rescue

A girl smiling and swinging on a swing on her stomach at a playground.

Are you feeling the midsummer slump? The excitement of school getting out and summertime rolling in has waned. The tried and true haunts of Minneapolis and St. Paul have become “boring!” It’s time to find new places to play. 

Enter, The Playground Buddy App, your new best friend! 

The Playground Buddy App allows you to access all of the playgrounds in your area, no matter where you are! The app uses your current location and shows you the parks near you in 170 different countries across the world! 

Playground Buddy offers bird’s eye technology, allowing you to view the park and surrounding streets from above.  You’ll know exactly where you are and where the playground is! 

Local Outdoor Fun

Kids playing on a playground bridge after finding a park using the Playground Buddy App.

You love your city, and you love your kids. Supporting family-friendly excursions is vital to you! At Twin Cities Kids Club, we get that! 

Because of this, we love sharing notable companies like Playground Buddy. If you want to stay local to Minneapolis and St. Paul, there are many parks and play structures to discover! 

The Guardian recently listed “Eight Apps to Hack Your Life.” They gave a shout-out to Playground Buddy because it is just that useful. 

Kids love being outdoors, and with good reason! It is incredibly beneficial for their development and physical health. Having fun outdoors, especially on play equipment, cultivates imagination, improves motor skills and agility, and fosters peer-to-peer social skills.

Some say parks are the perfect learning environment, going as far as suggesting outdoor classrooms for elementary-aged children. You can turn a fun outing into an educational experience without even realizing it! 

All Walks Welcome

A young girl playing ona playground.

Are you planning a trip to a new city? Or even a city you have visited and loved, but you’re looking for something new to do? Open up your Playground Buddy App to access their worldwide database, and find a new park or two to explore! 

Here’s the thing. We already know what you are thinking. Another app to download. Another app to navigate blindly while the kids ask you what we’re doing today and where we’re going. 

Your kids love it when you plan outings for them.  But some days, you know you need to get out of the house. The kids need to keep their minds and bodies busy for a couple of hours. We hear you.

Maybe you are a super active mom or caregiver! You live for getting outdoors with the kids and finding new things to do. You know the importance of working your bodies and minds while soaking up the sunshine and fresh air. We’ve got you, too! 

Download and Go

A screenshot of the Playground Buddy App map feature.
Picture courtesy of The Playground Buddy App

The Playground Buddy app is incredibly user-friendly. There is very little to learn here. That might be the second most significant selling point (the first being access to playgrounds of your choice, obviously!). The app is available on both Android and Apple platforms, so start there. 

Once you have downloaded the app, locating a play area near you is fast and easy. You can go about searching for a playground in two ways: 

  1. enabling your location settings and letting Playground Buddy find the parks near you (easiest and fastest!), or 
  2. by tapping on the cute little magnifying glass and entering the name of the city you’re in! 

Playground Buddy will pull up a map view of the parks nearest to your location or the city you entered. Clicking on the icon will show the play area and the details available such as:

  • the park’s name
  • the exact location
  • street view
  • photos and comments other visitors have left and uploaded 

Part of the Crew

A group of kids on a playground bridge.

Did you know that Playground Buddy was created and operated by just four people? “Two developers and their supportive wives.” Pretty cool, right? 

When you visit a play structure and see a lack of information in the app, you can add information. Help out by adding your feedback, details on the equipment, or any photos you’d like to upload! 

Did you find a play structure that isn’t listed? You can add a new playground so others can discover and experience it, too. The app keeps getting better with your input. 

Playground Buddy allows you to plan your excursion around Minneapolis and St. Paul ahead of time. 

You can also make a list of your family’s favorite parks. Is there a park you already know and love? This app lets you create and save a playground favorites list to make return visits easy.

Planning Ahead

A large group of kids playing and smiling on a playground.

Are you worried your little one won’t stay engaged long enough for a park outing? There are lots of exciting extras you can do while at the park! Check out our Best Family Outdoor Activities blog post from last year for inspiration. Incorporating these ideas with your Playground Buddy app park visit is bound to keep the kids happy for hours! 

Kids can be involved in the planning, too! Allowing your kids to make choices helps them build their confidence, problem solve and feel a sense of freedom. You search the playground details and location, and your kiddo can browse for the best jungle gyms in your area.

The Playground Buddy app is so simplistic in design and usability and, at the same time, so versatile. It can be great for a simple playdate or planning a ‘Playground Crawl’ for a birthday bash! Share playground details with other moms, dads, and friends to make meet-ups simple.

Join Today and Play!

A family of four swinging on a swing set together.

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