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Next to their parents, the most important people to children are their grandparents. The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren can be both joyful and rewarding. 

That relationship needs to be fostered. To create a healthy bond between the generations, the grandparents should take the initiative and instigate the type of relationship that will benefit both the kids and the adults. 

At the Twin Cities Kids ClubOpens in a new tab., we believe a healthy grandparent and grandchild relationship is crucial to the healthy development of your kids. Keep reading for some of our best ideas for Twin Cities’ intergenerational activities. We will help you create the best connection between your parents and your kids. 

Senior grandparents and granddaughter gardening in the backyard garden. Man, woman and a small girl working.

A Fundamental Building Block

In the real world, there are often barriers and challenges for any relationship. Whether it be distance, personality differences, or health concerns, we may not see our loved ones as often as possible. 

Ultimately though, everything in life comes down to willpower. Whatever obstacles you encounter, you simply must find a way. Tap into your reserves of determination and employ your creativity to overcome the hurdles. 

But how do we bridge the gap?

If you live far away from your family, thankfully, our modern era provides you with a plethora of assistance. Use the tools at your disposal to connect the gap in miles. 

Technology can be your best friend. Nowadays, we can connect through our phones, computers, tablets, and any of our other devices. Find the medium that works best for all of you. Compatibility is key. 

Find common ground

The physical distance may not be the only obstacle. It can be hard to find common ground between an 8 and an 80-year-old. 

You can try to find common ground and common interests, but that is not always the best solution. As adults in the equation, the burden will likely fall to the grandparents to make an effort to learn about their grandkids’ interests. 

In fact, learning about a grandchild’s interest is a great way to break the ice. The grandparents should be encouraged to try to learn on their own so that they can talk to the kids on their level. 

The grandchildren, in turn, will feel gratified and affirmed when they witness the effort their respected elders put into connecting with them. 

We’ve gathered the best ways for grandparents to have fun with their grandchildren. Check it outOpens in a new tab..

Don’t let poor health stand in the way

We understand the barrier that failing health can impose on the life of those who suffer. If you are facing issues of poor health, all you can do is try your best. 

Do what you can, whatever you are able, to see and speak to your grandkids. Use the strength and breath you have to shower them with your love and appreciation. Foster the relationship, and it will grow. 

In the end, you should all stick to the old adage, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Find a way to be in each other’s lives, and the relationship will be worth it. 

Older grandparents reading a book to their young grandson

Twin Cities, MN Bonding Ideas

If you are a Minneapolis, St. Paul resident, and you are looking for a few ideas for grandparent grandchildren playdates, check out this list of our favorites. 

Ebenezer Intergenerational CommunitiesOpens in a new tab.

The mission of the Ebenezer Intergenerational Communities is to bring two generations together. Every day, grandparents and grandchildren can gather together to bond. 

Visitors can perform activities and spend time developing their unique relationships. There are plenty of opportunities to watch your grandchildren’s face fill with wonder. The sight is sure to bring joy to your face. 

They incorporate a whole-child approach that strives to bring young and old together in a unique way. Everyone will feel included in their stimulating co-learning environment. They work to build an unmistakable bond that will transcend generational differences.


At LitKnit, they aim to bridge the intergenerational gap by forming knitting circles that meet regularly. At these circles, participants of all ages will learn new crafts from a skilled artisan. 

On top of that, the groups will be entertained by a live reading of a story. This organization strives to provide long-term support for these circles. They believe that this engagement will create stable environments for people of all ages to get to know each other truly, learn a useful skill, and deeply explore ideas together. 

They believe that these activities strengthen the participants beyond the skills learned. This new strength will help them face new challenges with hope and resiliency. 

Learning to knit is a perfect chance for you to learn a valuable skill that can be shared between grandparents and grandchildren for years to come. Improve your craft skills, get to know your neighbors, and find connections within your community. 

Intergenerational Play Time Facebook GroupOpens in a new tab.

The founders of this group have partnered with the Elm Shores senior community. They are working to make connections with local seniors. 

They believe this work will help to build a stronger community and foster new friendships between the young and old. 

They hold a few events throughout the year. Participants will be brought together for fun and laughs. Check the page often for updates. 

Grandfather and grandson are fishing

Twin Cities, MN Grandparents Discounts

Many museums and zoos offer a grandparents discount for membership. We have listed a few below. 

Bell MuseumOpens in a new tab.

For $95 a year, two named adults and all household dependents or grandchildren under the age of 21. Plus, the entire amount is tax-deductible. 

The Works MuseumOpens in a new tab.

For grandparents, a yearly membership is just seventy dollars. The benefits cover up to two adults and all grandchildren aged 18 and below. Membership includes:

  • Annual membership for The Works Museum
  • Free museum admission
  • Advance camp registration window
  • Discounts on camps and birthday parties
  • 10% discount on The Works Store purchases
  • Any non-member guest will receive $2 off admission

Minnesota ZooOpens in a new tab.

For one or two grandparents, annual membership is 139 dollars. This membership includes admission for all grandchildren under the age of 21. 

For an additional twenty dollars a year, you can get the Grandparent PLUS membership. Included in this package is one free guest pass per visit. 

Portrait Of Grandparents Sitting With Baby Granddaughter Around Table At Home

For more ideas, check out our websiteOpens in a new tab.. Join the club for all the best deals and discounts in the Twin Cities, MN area. 

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