Ten Things you Need to Watch This Is Us

This Is Us has become wildly popular over its three years in production. The public has grown fond of the family show you can watch with all members of your family. A family show about family values. The show is about real life and the family dynamic. No matter how beautiful or devoted your family is, none are perfect. There is always a story to how each person evolves with their strengths and the demons they battle in secret or on blast for the world to see.

Ten Things
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You will need many things to get you comfortable because This Is Us takes you on an emotional roller coaster. You will be happy at one moment, then find yourself weeping like a child the next.  It stirs your soul and pulls on heartstrings you didn’t know were attached. You will find yourself reflecting on your own family and assumptions, and wonder what you could have done differently.

Things You Need

  • You will need a super soft all-enveloping blanketOpens in a new tab. to curl up into during the heart-melting moments. Do not skimp, and if the drama becomes too real, you will appreciate a soft spot to hibernate. You will need a safe place to curl into the fetal position and have an ugly cry.
  • You will need comfort food. One, because Kate is always struggling with her diet, so if she’s going to cheat, why can’t you? My suggestion is good rich chocolate, and some delicious petite cakes and macaroons.
  • One of the more obvious items you will need is some tissue. The average person cannot make it through an episode without crying. Frankly, You should just skip the hankies and watch with a towel. Whether the tears are happy or sad, they will fall.
  • Then you will need some hot chocolateOpens in a new tab.. Why, you ask? This series starts in the fall, right when the temperature drops. Just when you are so over the heat that you are aching for your sweets and to cuddle up on the couch to dig into your fall line up on your DVR. And, of course, the chocolate part. Chocolate is always important when dealing with emotional things, and this show certainly fits that bill.   
  • You will need On Demand. Many people like to marathon watch their favorite shows. Using On Demand is a  great way to watch the series. You could also buy the entire TV series from Amazon. Got to love new technology! Thank you, Lord, I don’t have to program another VCR.
  • You will need something salty to munch on while you watch the drama unfold. Staying in line with the newest diet fad, avoid the carbs and eat some smoked almonds, bacon chips or cheese-chipsOpens in a new tab.. Or, you know what? Go ahead and enjoy your chips with dip or some scrumptious popcorn. Salty foods are always welcome when watching television.
  • The Pearson’s love football, so it almost makes you want to root for the Steelers. Get some Steelers paraphernalia on and act like a part of the Pearson family. Don’t care for the Steelers? That’s okay. You are at home watching your television, probably alone or with family, so wear whatever team you want to wear. We won’t tell.
  • You will need your remote. You will have to stop, pause, and rewind. Nothing more frustrating than when your spouse comes into the room and wants to be caught up mid-show. Um, no! Pause the show, and tell them to get in line and start from the beginning. No family is perfect, so no point in pretending we’re are always selfless. You can’t turn your emotions on and off, at least finish the current show you’re watching and then let the others get caught up on their own. Even if you manage to be uninterrupted, the way This is Us jumps into different timelines with flashbacks, you will find yourself pausing and rewinding frequently.
NBC TV series
Photo from “This is Us on NBC TV series” Facebook Page

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This Is Us is a stirring show that leaves you on the edge of your seat, week after week, wanting more. There lies the frustration with this New TV series. Viewers are left every week anticipating what will happen the following week. In the meantime, you will need to try another vice like some fictional novelsOpens in a new tab. that are similarly thought-provoking. Tell us what you must have when you watch This Is Us.


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