Subscription Boxes For Kids That Your Family Will Love

It seems that there is a subscription box for just about everything these days; working out, makeup, and even chocolate! It should be no surprise then that subscription boxes for kids are officially a thing. 

Subscription boxes for children are fun to give kids and families something to regularly look forward to. They also provide a chance for kids to have experiences that they wouldn’t usually have without screens. 

Full disclosure: subscription boxes that are targeted at kids are fun for adults, too! This makes these fun boxes a win-win to try them out for your tribe. 

Twin Cities Kids Club has been serving the Twin Cities and surrounding areas since 2015. One of their goals is to highlight ways to bring fun to families in our community. Having fun with kids is a way to build into children and give them memories that will last forever. 

Check out our site today to get great deals for your familyOpens in a new tab., and check out local clubs and activities. Keep reading to check out some of our favorite boxes, and try a few for yourself. Receive something in the mail that your kids will love! 

Thinking Outside the Box 

opening package

One of the daily challenges of having children is keeping them occupied. Not only occupied but maybe challenge them mentally as well. 

It is widely believed that children, even teens, grow and emote through play and activity. When done in the home, spending time as a family and playing has several benefits. According to the Highland Springs ClinicOpens in a new tab., some of the more notable benefits are: 

  • Boosting self-confidence 
  • Improving mental health 
  • Performing better academically
  • Finding a way to reduce stress-who doesn’t need that!?
  • Lowering the risk of behavioral issues later on 

Doing activities as a family or with other siblings, or even by themselves, gives kids an outlet. Having an outlet for pent up emotion or stress allows healthy habits to build up over time. 

If nothing else, introducing kids to new things and experiences is a great way to pour into them. 

Any of these subscription boxes would make great gifts for any family with children. 

Subscription Boxes for Kids 

The following boxes are some of our favorites on the market. They offer educational opportunities, and some are just plain fun. There is also one that will deliver you candy each month! Of course, it’s for the kids, but candy every month sounds like a plus for everyone.  

Use the links throughout this blog post to shop for any boxes that pique your interest!

Amazon Prime Book Box for Kids 

A family reading books together.

This box is great for those who love to read.Opens in a new tab. While it is a monthly box, it can be scheduled to come at intervals of one, two, or three months. This book subscription box will contain two books per delivery.

The range of books offered is impressive and will be reviewed for the subscriber monthly before they are sent. 

Bitsbox Store

A boy playing with a tech-inspired toy

Created with the techie kidOpens in a new tab. in mind, this box allows kids to create fun and functional apps. The suggested age for this box is 6 to 12 years old. 

You can start with a Basic Bitsbox and then graduate to the Deluxe or Digital Bitsbox over time. The webpage that this box is built and used from uses a web page accessible on any web browser. 


A young girl smiling and posing with children's books

Bookroo is a self-described book clubOpens in a new tab. for kids. A brilliant feature is that parents can go to their site and look at each book to get a summary. Parents can get a grasp of what each group offers to their children. 

Every month, your box will also include an insert that speaks about the books being delivered.

The breakdown of each of their age group is also well done. 

  • Age 0-3: Board book club 
  • Age 3-6: Picture book club
  • Age 7-10: Chapter book club

Bookroo is a well-thought-out subscription for the reader in your life. 

Candy Club 

Kids holding out candy in their hands

This subscription box is pretty sweetOpens in a new tab. and makes a great gift. Subscribers can fill out a profile so that their package is unique to them. 

There are a plethora of offerings so that the box never gets old. Another positive is that it comes in two different sizes. Size options allow for planning and the chance to try so many new candies and use them for a party feature if you wish. 

Cooper and Kid 

A father and son playing and laughing together

This award-winningOpens in a new tab. subscription box is specifically created for kids to play with the father figures in their lives. 

Each box comes with activities that promote practical skills and even have a bedtime story. Another cool feature is that the box it comes in can be used for the monthly projects! 

Care is taken to be sure that the box is useful for everyone. An online information portal is available to give information on the activities included. 

Crate Joy

A young boy holding a subscription box for kids

This site could not be more user friendly if they tried! Crate JoyOpens in a new tab. matches users with a box according to their needs. You can shop according to interest, price, occasion, and there is even a corporate option. 

What sets Crate Joy apart is that you can register to sell your goods to be included in their boxes. They sell everything from kitchen tools to housewares. 

Green Kids Crafts

A young girl doing crafts with leaves and other elements from nature

Founded by environmental scientist Penny Bauder, this boxOpens in a new tab. is perfect for growing love of nature in children. Every month your child will receive STEAM activities that will challenge children to explore the world around them. 

STEAM (STEM + Art) activities combine scientific and artistic skills to create a well-rounded experience. The values of the company include clean air, global restoration, and sustainable materials. 


A toddler girl choosing her won clothes from a rack.

KidpikOpens in a new tab. is a subscription box service for children’s clothing. The service goes out of their way to get to know your child’s style by way of a style quiz. Once a style is set, boxes of clothing and accessories specifically for them are sent straight to your home. 

You can decide to get your box every one, two, or three months.

Once the box is sent, you have seven days to try on the clothing sent and keep what you like. Let’s not forget that there are some free features associated with this box: 

  • Styling
  • Delivery 
  • Returns and exchanges

Kiwi Co

A girl outlined as an astronaut in chalk

Kiwi Co goes out of their way to make sure that every child has a box that fits their interestsOpens in a new tab.. The projects included a push for both art and STEM skills. 

Their “crates” are categorized by age and interests and can even be compared on their site. Older kids are not left out of the experience; they have boxes for 9-14-year-olds and up. Their Eureka box is classified for ages 14-104 years of age. 

Little Global Citizens

A kid with luggage like they're going traveling

Talk about making learning fun! Little Global CitizensOpens in a new tab. has found a way to transport your kid monthly to a new country. Their goal is to immerse children in different cultures and have fun.

Kids can expect to see the following and so much more. 

  • Craft from that month’s country
  • Stories
  • Recipe 
  • Language card 
  • Souvenirs

Little Global Citizens is perfect for the curious child and makes a wonderful gift.  


A baby playing with a wooden toy about shapes.

Lovevery is a company that brings a holistic view to play-based learningOpens in a new tab.. Their subscription service provides toddlers and babies with stage based toy essentials. This subscription box for kids would make an excellent gift for a new mom who values sustainability and education. 

Lovevery boasts the use of sustainably sourced wood, organic cotton, and baby-safe toys. Learning through sustainable toys is a definite win. 

Raddish Kids

A Raddish Kids subscription box from Thanksgiving

On their site, Raddish KidsOpens in a new tab. describes itself as a “cooking club for kids.” 

A subscription to Raddish Kids presents the client with the opportunity to teach their children through cooking. Kids learn confidence and get the experience of trying new foods. Their site also has an extensive library of recipes that you can try at any time. 

Sensory TheraPLAY Box

A child doing an occupational therapy activity.

This subscription boxOpens in a new tab. is curated monthly by a licensed occupational therapist. They spend a great deal of time making sure that your child has toys that ensure good sensory play. 

One of the many benefits of sensory play is that it can help to curb anxiety in children. Having a way to turn a frown into a smile is never a bad thing. 

Stitch Fix Kids 

A boy posing with a jacket over his shoulder.

Stitch Fix Kids offers outfits for kidsOpens in a new tab. of every age and every occasion. Their trendy and comfortable clothes are great for the whole family and do come in adult sizes. 

A feature that makes Stitch Fix unique is that you do not have to have a subscription to get your boxes. 

As a company, they offer great clothing that is unique and made with sustainability in mind. Their clothes are well made and priced for any budget. 

Universal Yums

Universal Yums Ukraine box

This subscription box holds the potential for hoursOpens in a new tab. of family fun and memory-making. 

Each month subscribers are sent a box of snacks from a different country. Included in the package is a booklet with trivia and recipes from the country featured. This box would be great for a small get together or a family movie night. 

Kids are sure to talk about trying snacks from around the world for years to come. 

Join the Club! 

A family laughing and having fun together.

Twin Cities Kids Club has been serving Minneapolis, St. Paul area since 2015. One of our goals is to find ways for families to enjoy time together. These subscription boxes for kids are an excellent way to do so. 

Visit our siteOpens in a new tab. today for deals, events, and fun for the whole family!

Twin Cities Kids Club

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