Safety Apps to Use on Your Kids New Devices

Technology has become both widely available and heavily used in most aspects of our lives. As we’re sure you’ve noticed, even kids use technology (and well!) these days. But as with most forms of technology, particularly those associated with the internet, there can be issues of safety. To keep your child safe as they use these modern devices, we’ve gathered a list of five of the highest rated safety applications. These apps can help you keep your children safe as they interact with their favorite technology on the internet.

Kids Place – Parental Controls

kiddoware.comOpens in a new tab.
Use: Internet browsing safety and time restrictions on the internet
Cost: Free, but has in-app purchases for $4.99

Kids Place – Parental Controls is an application that launches other apps you have set up. As the parent, you decide which apps your child can access. Another advantageous safeguard included in the program prevents your children from buying or downloading new applications. Phew! The last thing you need is another unknown set of charges from iTunes or Google! Kids Place currently works on any phone or tablet, and the app is appropriate for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers!

Sygic Family in a new tab.
Use: Family messaging, real-time locations of family, and battery monitoring of family devices
Cost: Free, but in-app purchases vary from $2.98 to $18.99. A real-time locator is a free option, according to Sygic’s website.

Sygic, a company known for their competent navigation systems, has created an application to help you see where your family members are in real-time. In the app, safe zones and unsafe zones can be established to help your child identify whether they are in a secure, approved location. The application also includes an easy-to-use SOS button that your child can press, immediately notifying you of their current location. Smart! Another helpful option featured is the in-family messaging which is usable over any internet connection. This kid safety app is a great way to keep up with your family.

Kids Safe Search Engine

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Use: Block inappropriate material during searches
Cost: Free

Using a frequently-maintained collection of unsafe phrases, terms, and URLs, Kids Safe Search Engine dependably connects to two children’s search engines to keep your child’s searches protected by preventing undesirable material from coming in. Both search engines in the application operate using Google’s SearchSafe technology. Kids Safe Search Engine web safety app is also free to use and ad-free.

MobilePatrol Public Safety App

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Use: Keep up-to-date with local occurrences
Cost: Free

MobilePatrol Public Safety App broadcasts relevant, local updates to your phone. Set up neighborhoods near you and MobilePatrol sends alerts by being connected with public safety/law enforcement nationwide. You can know your loved ones are safe by staying abreast of the latest happenings in your area. You can also report occurrences as you see them, too. Whether a tree is down on the road or a pet goes missing, you can be a part of what’s going on in your neighborhood! MobilePatrol also hosts easy access to public records for everything from registered local sex offenders to jail bookings. Knowing your area means a safer family!

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YouTube Kids in a new tab.
Use: Keep your kids safe from harmful or adult videos
Cost: Free

Whether watching Hatchlings hatch, Shopkins unboxed, or being part of the latest in Minecraft strategies; kids love using the internet, especially YouTube, to watch their favorite videos. To ensure your kids stay in the realm of videos under your approval, YouTube created the YouTube Kids application. With this app, you have ultimate control over what your children can watch. Features include individual profiles for each child, the ability to block channels you don’t want your child watching, a timer for how long a child can watch videos, and search controls. YouTube Kids continually works to improve and update their filters to stay on top of keeping adult or inappropriate videos out of your child’s grasp.

As a parent, technology overall can be scary. Instead of that aching, constant concern that something may go wrong, consider allowing your children to be a part of technology and the internet while using appropriate safeguards such as these applications. These types of measures can help you maintain peace of mind as your children participate in the most modern forms of growing and learning. Additionally, talking to your kids about your limits with their connectedness can provide them with realistic expectations. Using these apps (and others!) and keeping your children informed on what you expect of their technology usages are the best ways to parent through technological advances.

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