Have a Scavenger Hunt in the Twin Cities with Operation City Quest!

It’s finally summer! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the kids are already bored. 

Are you struggling to come up with new and exciting activities for your kids?  Are you looking for safe, outdoor excursions to participate in this summer? If you answered yes, you are not alone, and Operation City Quest is the answer!  

This is where Twin Cities Kids club comes in to save the summer! Joining with Operation City Quest, TCKC is bringing you a Modern Day Scavenger Hunt. You and your kids can play while exploring the downtown areas of MinneapolisOpens in a new tab. and St. PaulOpens in a new tab.

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Operation City QuestOpens in a new tab. is an app-based digital scavenger hunt. Play the game while out and about in MinneapolisOpens in a new tab., St. PaulOpens in a new tab., and over 400 cities in North America!

Learn Through Play With Operation City Quest!

The Minneapolis skyline. You can play Operation City Quest in Minneapolis

You remember scavenger hunts. They provided such a thrill while searching for the items on your list as fast as humanly possible. You had your paper and pencil, crossing each item off. What a rush! 

Now, thanks to Operation City Quest, you have the opportunity to do that again in your city! You get to introduce your kids to an exciting game while getting out and enjoying the downtown area. It’s the perfect summer activity that will have you laughing and smiling with friends and family! 

There is a theory that children, especially preschool-aged, learn best through play. Not only are scavenger hunts fun for your kids, but they are also beneficial both developmentally and physically. Opens in a new tab.

While your kids are enjoying themselves, they will also pick up necessary and helpful life skills. The scavenger hunt experience teaches kids problem-solving and teamwork

Your kids will walk, skip, hop, run, climb, and jump, all while using their big brains to seek out items! 

Old School Goes Tech!

A group of school-aged children playing on smartphones.

Here is where the ‘modern day’ comes in. You don’t need any paper or pencils. That’s right! 

Now you are saving the environment, too! Go, you!

Your arms are packed with purses, diaper bags, backpacks, water bottles, snacks, and, you know, your kids. You don’t need paper, pencils, pens, and checklists to keep track of as well. 

Operation City Quest had that in mind by incorporating an app with the game. You already have your phone on you, so no additional tools are required! It’s all about ease and functionality! 

A remote guide is provided via text for the two-hour duration of your game to make things even more user-friendly. The guide is a real human being whose sole job is to help you on your quest! They will provide answers to your questions and any hints they can give. 

You probably like to be prepared, especially when you are planning an outing with kids. Operation City Quest gets that!  

The app you will download and use is called GooseChase. You can find it in both iPhone and Android app stores. Your remote guide will help you enter and navigate your game on your selected day.  

The idea of using an app while exploring or playing a game isn’t new. Twin Cities Kids Club posted a similar geocaching activity blogOpens in a new tab. earlier this year on the website. It’s “like a high-tech treasure hunt,” combining technology with outdoor fun! 

Time To Play! 

A dad and daughter taking a selfie for Operation City Quest

The object of the game is to find and photo as many items from the list as you can. There are around 150 objects per locale, and you have two hours to search. 

The more objects you photograph and submit within the app, the more points you earn. More points can bump you higher on the leaderboard! 

Operation City Quest has created an atmosphere of challenge while you try to beat the clock and the other competitors.  A little healthy competition is good for your kidsOpens in a new tab., too! It can be a helpful lesson in losing graciously, sportsmanship, and being a team player. 

To add to the fun, some of the items-to-look-for have additional challenges or crazy tasks attached to them! You and your kids have the option to complete these silly and fun extras to earn more points! 

Getting started is blessedly straightforward. Go to the Operation City Quest websiteOpens in a new tab. to purchase tickets. 

You will also redeem your tickets there and select a day of your choosing to complete your scavenger hunt. Your remote guide will help you log into the GooseChase app and get started with your game. Then you’re off! Happy hunting!

Family and Wallet Friendly! 

Kids running in Minneapolis while playing Operation City Quest

Operation City Quest is not only family-friendly; they are pocketbook-friendly, too. Tickets start at $20 per person, and children ages 12 and under are totally, completely, and amazingly free! You have to love that! 

In a world where prices are growing almost as fast as children, it is nice to find budget-friendly activities. This is especially true when you are in a multiple-child household. “Children 12 and under are free” is an attractive statement! 

It can also be challenging to find interests for multiple children of various ages. Operation City Quest’s scavenger hunt is the perfect answer to that! 

While older kids look for a restaurant sign, younger kids can look for the color or shape of the sign! You can tweak it to make it work for your whole family. 

There are even ways to make it a bonding exercise for siblings. Older children can read the next clue, while younger children can snap the photo when the item is found! 

They will be practicing teamwork and working on their communication skills without even knowing it. That is a parenting win! 

For More Family-Friendly Activities, Join the Club!

A family of four portrait.

Twin Cities Kids Club is looking out for you and your kids with budget-friendly activities and money-saving discounts. So, join the club for FREEOpens in a new tab. now and let TCKC take the guesswork out of your summer planning!

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