NINJACTIVE Ninja Line Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids Review

A kid walking barefoot on a slackline

Think your child has what it takes to become the next American Ninja Warrior? With the new Ninjactive Warrior Obstacle Course, they can! Twin Cities Kids Club is proud to offer our exclusive Ninjactive Ninja Line Warrior Obstacle Course For Kids Review. This course will give your kids the skills they need to become ninja strong, healthy, and full of life. 

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The Ninjactive Warrior Obstacle Course ensures your kids will find success staying active and engaged. Your kids will ditch their screens for playtime on Ninjactive’s Warrior Obstacle Course. They’ll be entertained for hours on end!

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How Does the Ninjactive Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Work?

NINJACTIVE Ninja Line Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids Review by Twin Cities Kids Club says this product is perfect for anyone with kids and yard.

Our Ninjactive Ninja Line Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids Review covers it all! 

This comprehensive kit mimics professional style ninja training courses, all from the comfort of your backyard. 

It comes equipped with all the bells and whistles. Your child is guaranteed to get ninja strong in no time. It features ten unique obstacle courses that are waterproof, rustproof, and extremely durable. 

The buckles and seams are guaranteed not to break. It’s made with a single piece of galvanized steel, not soldered steel like cheap knock-off brands, and double seamed stitching. The kit is also 100% waterproof and rust-proof, ensuring hours of playtime, rain, or shine. 

It boasts an impressive 50-foot slackline that can withstand up to 3.27 tons of pressure! That’s the equivalent of a bite from a great white shark! 

Ratchet clamps allow for easy set-up and takedown, meaning it’s portable too. Planning a trip to the cabin for the weekend? No problem! You have the freedom to either leave it up or pack into the waterproof bag and take it with you. 

Requirements for installation are easy. All that’s needed is two trees spaced 10-40 feet apart with a trunk circumference of 36-72 inches. Wherever you find those dimensions, you can install the Ninjactive Warrior Course. 

The kit also comes with tree protectors, keeping your trees safe and healthy from damage. 

All parts of the kit are super easy to clean. A simple antibacterial soap and water mixture or even spray disinfectant will sanitize the equipment. And because it’s waterproof, kids can use it immediately after it’s sanitized. Back to playtime faster than you can say, “wash your hands.” 

What is all the Hype About?

NINJACTIVE Ninja Line Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids

Ninjactive boasts a whopping 94% approval rating, as compared to other products. Competitors don’t have the same high-quality standards Ninjactive does. 

The Ninjactive Ninja Line Warrior Obstacle Course is colorful and eye-catching. Your yard could be the talk of the neighborhood! Every neighborhood kid (and even adult) on your block will want to try it.

Each of the ten different obstacles is designed to build strength, agility, and confidence. Your kids will have tons of fun learning new skills by challenging their bodies and their minds. 

Research shows that neural pathways are strengthened through new stimuli. Build muscle and better brain cells all with one product! Each of the Ninjactive components is manufactured to provide your child with focus and concentration. 

From the standard knotted ball grip, to the monkey bars, to gym rings, to the fantastic spinning wheel, each obstacle is sure to provide a unique ninja challenge. Your child will grapple, climb, and propel themselves into a positive mental attitude and a fit physique.  

Most children and even adults can use this product. However, if your child is small in size, simply attach the extension ladder so they can access the course easier. Adult supervision is recommended for all age groups, but especially for younger ones. 

Think your kids will hog all the fun? Parents, you can play too! Its sturdy design can hold up to 220 lbs when used as a ninja course. If you use it instead as a slackline kit/tightrope line, the course weight limit doubles to hold up to 440 lbs! 

How memorable would it be if your whole family trained on this course? You could hold your own family Ninja Warrior competition, with trophies being mom’s delectable baked goods. 

Train to be a Warrior

Kids flexing in brightly colored clothes along a brick wall

Here at Twin Cities Kids Club, we know your kids have lots of energy to expend. This is the reason why we highly recommend this Ninjactive Ninja Line Warrior Course. Reviews are over-the-top positive for this product. 

Entertain your kids for hours on end! You will have peace of mind knowing your kids are safe in your yard, making memories, building fitness, and having the time of their lives. 

Almost sounds too good to be true, right? While the Ninjactive Warrior Course isn’t quite as elite as professional ninja training gyms, it can prepare kids for initial training and continuing education. 

So, where can your child go for professional ninja training? Glad you asked! Here are a few facilities in the Twin Cities Metro area that offer in-depth playtime, training, and skills camps: 

By purchasing the Ninjactive Ninja Line Warrior Training Course through Twin Cities Kids Club, your child won’t miss a beat. They will love doing almost as many obstacles at home as they can at one of these fine establishments. 

The Results of the Review are in

A kid walking on a green slackline from NINJACTIVE Ninja Line Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids Review

Make memories with your kids that last a lifetime. They likely won’t remember all the details of how much something costs or how cold it was outside, but they will remember the countless hours they spent laughing with friends on their very own ninja course. 

We are positive your kids will love this product. Sign up for a free, that’s right, a FREE membership with Twin Cities Kids Club.

Enjoy our Ninjactive Warrior Obstacle Course Review? Looking for more entertainment for all in the family? Join Twin Cities Kids Club now and stay on top of all the great Twin Cities family fun deals today!


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