Last Minute Stocking Stuffers Sure to Win the Day

Like many parents, you’ve probably held off on buying the kids stocking stuffers this year. Who wants to stress about hiding that stuff, right? And if we’re honest, none of us are likely chomping at the bit to spend our Christmas bonus on junk that will be dumped out, picked through, then abandoned. Worry not. We’ve compiled a list of last-minute stocking stuffers for kids that are sure to bring smiles to little faces on Christmas morning (and keep them smiling).

Let’s Be Practical: Gifts That Just Make Sense

We’ve all opened the dreaded box of underwear from Granny. It’s embarrassing, but did we not get good use out of those? We sure did! These kids stocking stuffers are items they most likely use every day. Coming from mom or dad, they might induce an eye roll. But they’re TOTALLY cool when they come from Santa—especially when given extra thought to favorite characters, colors, etc. instead of just the regular “whatever is on sale” goods.

• Battery operated toothbrushes (bonus points for buying one with favorite characters)
• Kid-friendly toothpaste
• Flavored flossers
Organic lip balmOpens in a new tab.
• Colorful, patterned, or character Band-Aids
• Body wash or shaped soap (even better if there’s glitter or fun colors)
• Non-toxic bathtub paint or crayons
• Non-toxic, fun, fizzy bath bombs
• Brush or comb
• Roll up hooded bath towels to fit in stockings
• Socks
• Underwear
• Winter wear—hats, gloves, scarves
Hand/feet warmers for inside gloves or bootsOpens in a new tab.
• Cozy winter pajamas
• Water bottles

For the Little Ladies

• Small nail polish
• Hair ties, ribbons, headbands—local dollar stores often have a wide selection of these!
• Books
• Small Lego sets (there are so many varieties to meet every girl’s personality now!)
A locking diaryOpens in a new tab.
• Age appropriate jewelry (those super cute charm bracelets from the 80s are back in style, and the girls are eating them up!)
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) kitsOpens in a new tab. —not just for boys! Girls love these educational activities, too.
• Small purse or coin purse
• Miniature dolls or animals
Kid-friendly lotions made with a coconut oil baseOpens in a new tab.
• Glow sticks with connectors for making jewelry

For the Little Guys

• Wallet
Yo-yo—this light-up one is super awesome!Opens in a new tab.
• Small Lego sets
• Card games like Uno, Skip-Bo, etc.
• Rubiks cube
• STEM kits like this cool one!
• Slime making ingredients (this recipeOpens in a new tab. is a favorite around here, and so easy to make!)
HexbugsOpens in a new tab.
• Matchbox cars
• Watch
• Books
• Small flashlight or lantern


What is a Christmas morning without a few snacks in the kids’ stockings? After all, the kiddos have had visions of sugar plums dancing in their sweet little heads all night! We’ve compiled a list of (mostly) healthy, and perhaps some unusual, snacks.

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• Organic lollipops like these from YumEarth OrganicsOpens in a new tab.
• Flavored popcorn
• Hot cocoa mix or K-cups
Sugar-free gourmet gum, sweetened with XylitolOpens in a new tab.
• Organic peanut butter cups
• Gourmet gummy bears or worms
• 100% fruit leather strips
Organic gingerbread cookie mixOpens in a new tab., along with a variety of cookie cutters and decorations
• Cane sugar-sweetened peppermint candy canes

For Your Artist

• Crayons
• Markers—if you buy the smelly kindOpens in a new tab., they’ll love you (er, Santa) even more!
• Colored pencils
• Watercolor Paints
Non-toxic finger paintsOpens in a new tab.
• Stickers
• Colored paper or cardstock
• Paintbrushes
• Coloring books—kids enjoy using the “adult” coloring books, too!
• Modeling clay
• Play-doh
• Glitter or sequins
• Foam craft project kits
• Googly eyes
• Chalk or chalk markers
• Fabric markers and clothing to decorate, like this set from Crayola



When buying last minute stocking stuffers, keep in mind that experiences are always a fan favorite when it comes to kids! You’ve read the lists of non-junk “stuff” above. Now consider giving a gift of memories as well! Tickets and gift cards easily slip right into stockings. A couple of bucks goes a long way in most of the places listed below!

• Ice cream, yogurt or smoothie shops
• Movie theaters
• Coffee shops (for fancy cups of cocoa, of course)
• Candy shops
• Favorite restaurants
• Local children’s museums
• Amusement parks
• Zoo memberships
• Tickets to a favorite live show
• Tickets to a local sporting event

Christmas is sneaking up in a hurry! Now you can avoid all the extra stress and all the junk that typically comes along with shopping for kids’ stocking stuffers. Screenshot this page, or print it off, and hit up your favorite store or website for a much more relaxed stocking stuffing experience this year!

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