22 Quick and Easy Goodie Bag Ideas for Kids’ Parties

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No parent is indeed a fan of goodie bags, whether you’re the one that has to make them or receive them at kids’ birthday parties. Stuffed with plastic junky toys, useless dollar store items, and sugary treats, these party favors aren’t our go-to pick for kids.

But, unfortunately, the little monsters adore them!

With that said, you do have to follow along with the tradition! 

To make the goodie bag fuss a little less fussy, I’ve prepared a list of quick and easy goodie bag ideas that are creative, fun, and useful! 

1. Wooden (Painting) Craft Kit

This creative goodie bag idea will boost every child’s imagination. You can find wooden birdhouses, trucks, planes, and magnets. A Christmas wooden magnet kitOpens in a new tab. will be a great choice if you’re having a birthday party during the holidays.

The kids can choose their patterns and colors and create a unique piece of art. It’s a fun craft to do at home, so I’m sure parents will thank you for keeping their kids busy and away from the TV or video games for a while.

2. Hair/Body Accessories

Fill the goodie bag with lip balm, hair clips, and bobbles. You can even add play tattoos that match the party theme.

If you want to go all the way, give the kids a personalized bracelet-making kit, and let them create one they will love most. Pack it up at the end, and your goodie bag is ready.

3. Puzzle Balls

This is a great way to help kids stay focused and entertained. Puzzle balls are educational, fun, and challenging! Parents will love you for them! 

4. Animal Masks

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Every kid will bark or growl at you repeatedly, pretending to be an animal. Therefore, these masks are something you can’t go wrong with. 

Fun idea: If you’re throwing a zoo-themed birthday party, you can put little animal cards in a bowl and let the kids randomly pick one out. If they draw a tiger, then they will get a tiger mask! (Don’t forget to give them the card too!)

5. A Cute Towel

If you’re throwing a pool party, don’t hesitate to get unique beach towels. 

Also, if you would like to go the extra mile, you can get personalized towels with each kid’s name. 

6. A Story Book Set

This is an easy and budget-friendly goodie bag idea. Just get a storybook box set (you can find one with up to 40 books in one collection, such as Little Miss Box SetOpens in a new tab.), and let the kids choose the one they like most. Then, put a piece of candy in there to ensure the kids leave with a smile. (Just watch out for those dietary restrictions!)

If you know your little guests are a bit feisty, then divide the books yourself, and stuff them in a paper bag. You will avoid the potential fight over one or two books.

7. Wooden Yoyos

We all loved them when we were young, and I’m sure our kids will love them too. Yoyos are great for many activities – kids can compete with each other, compare the yoyos and even swap them if they want.

8. A Pair of Gloves

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If it’s winter season, giving the kids a pair of gloves would be a pretty useful thing to do. You can get a pack of gloves in various colors and designs.

If you want to boost the goodie bag, just add a mini Christmas ornament or a packet of hot chocolate, and you are good to go.

9. Bubble Wands

Every kid loves bubble wands! They do, however, end up spilling them every time, so it’s always good to have a spare one!

10. A Piece of Birthday Cake With a Balloon

As a parent, I must admit I love when my kid gets a piece of birthday cake to go because I usually end up eating it at home!

You can simply hand out helium balloons you’ve used for decoration to each kid and pack a slice of cake in mini cake boxes or napkins. 

The prettier the balloons, the happier the children – go for stars, hearts, moon, animals, etc. 

11. Art Set

You can’t go wrong by giving them watercolors, markers, or crayons. It’s something kids use all the time and also lose all the time. Therefore, an art set is a great goodie bag idea to help kids stay creative and entertained.

12. Encyclopedia for Kids

A book of fun facts, such as Encylopedia for Kids, or National geographic kids reader set, is a great goodie bag idea. The kids will get the opportunity to explore and learn new facts. And who knows, some might even end up wanting to become explorers.

You can find collections about animals, water, space, or all together!

13. Mini Stuffed Animals

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This is perfect if you want to give them toys, but avoid buying plastic ones. Instead, you can get a jungle animal set or buy mini stuffed dogs or cats. At the end of the party, each kid can choose which animal he wants to adopt.

Parents who have time to spare can also prepare collars and name tags. For more fun, put all animals in a box, and let the kid draw one out with their eyes closed. 

14. Wooden Castanets

This one is more on the educational style. Finger castanets will help children to explore music, enhance coordination, and develop audition and tactile. 

They can also paint and decorate them according to their liking. It will give them something fun to do at home long after the party is over.

15. Disposable Cameras

If you’re willing to spend a bit more on the goodie bags, think about disposable cameras. All kids love taking photos; just make sure there is a store nearby that will develop the film. 

16. Pair of Socks

No parent thinks getting a pair of socks is a bad idea. If they are too big for their child, they can save them for next year; if they are too small, give them away as a gift. 

No matter the birthday party’s theme, you can find socks to fit almost anything from animals and unicorns to superheroes and princesses.

17. Sunglasses

During those hot summer parties, sunglasses are going to be a hit. You can find them in all colors, so ask the kids to pick their favorite ones!

18. Squishy Toys

Kids like to squeeze pretty much everything. Again, these squeaky alternatives are your best pick if you are not a fan of plastic toys. You can find dogs, cats, pandas, jellyfish, etc. The list is endless. 

However, keep in mind that we’re talking about small toys that are not quite suitable for kids under the age of 6. You don’t want ten toddlers gobbling up mini pandas around you!

19. Coloring Books

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You can easily fit them into any birthday theme! Kids love them, and there is no doubt they will use them!

20. Pop Toys

Kids love pop toys! So if you want to make a birthday party extra special, consider packing some of these fun toys up as favors or prizes. You can choose from a wide range of colors and shapes, and some even glow in the dark for an added element of surprise.

21. Graham Crackers

If you want to pack the sweets, Graham Crackers are a nice alternative to candy treats packed in sugar. They come in a variety of flavors, so be free to make your mix in your party favor bags.

22. Portable Games

You can find a mini version of Jenga and portable board games such as Checkers and Snakes and Ladders.

Portable games are a fun way to keep the kids occupied while traveling. Also, you can use the games to trick them into turning the TV off. 

In the End

Organizing and packing the goodie bags is always a bit time-consuming! But hopefully, with this list of easy and neat ideas, you’ll have a little something to thank your kid’s friends for coming to their birthday party.

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