Gift Ideas for Your Sea Monkey Loving Kid

Sea Monkeys are small crustaceans that have tails that resemble a monkey’s. They are a breed of artificial brine shrimp. These little creatures can live for up to two years off a diet of yeast and algae, and kids love them.

When you buy sea monkeys, you are purchasing their eggs which resemble a powder or “magic dust” to the sea monkey loving kid in your life. The sea monkeys are a dry powder because of cryptobiosis, or a state of suspended animation. When the dust hits the water, the sea monkeys spring to life and grow steadily over the next couple of weeks, triggering the amazement of your child.

So, you’ve got a kid in your life that likes sea monkeys. Maybe it’s your child or a niece or nephew. Either way, you are searching for the perfect sea monkey gift to get them. Here are a few that can be found on AmazonOpens in a new tab. to give you some ideas of something they’ll love.


Sea Monkeys On Mars DeluxeOpens in a new tab.



Your child will love this gift. It comes with the sea monkeys in powder form due to suspended animation. It contains a plastic tank, food packet, and purifier.

You must add the purifier to the water to clean the tank for the sea monkeys. The tank measures about 5” tall and comes equipped with a ventilated lid, molded seascape bottom, and built-in magnifiers.

Sea Monkeys Live Ocean ZooOpens in a new tab.

Sea Monkeys Live Ocean Zoo

A great kit for your child in mind, the zoo comes with the sea monkeys in powder form, tank, food, and purifier. Tank comes with a ventilated lid and built-in magnifiers.

Add the purifier before the monkeys to clean it out, and add the sea monkey eggs and watch your child’s eyes light up with wonder as they come to life. Keep them alive and fed with algae and yeast.

Sea Monkey Magic CastleOpens in a new tab.

Sea Monkey Magic Castle

Let your child place their new pets in a magical habitat with the Sea Monkey Magic Castle. This habitat features a pink and blue castle on the bottom of the 5” tank that is sure to enchant your sea monkeys.

The aquarium comes equipped with all necessary tools and ingredients to help your sea monkeys thrive. Purchase includes live eggs, feeding spoon, and aqua-leash. It comes with a magnifier built into the tank to allow a close-up view of the how your crustaceans are doing in their enchanted habitat.

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Sea Monkeys Original Instant LifeOpens in a new tab.


If they currently have a tank and are just looking for some more sea monkeys to surprise your child with, the original instant life sea monkeys are the gift for them. Make sure you read the instructions.

The purchase comes with the live sea monkey eggs in suspended animation, purifier, and feed packet. Fill the 10oz tank (not included) up to the designated fill line located on the container. Before the sea monkeys are introduced to their new home, add the purifier packet to get the water just right so they can thrive in harmony with their surroundings.  

The Amazing Virtual Sea-Monkeys Game for the PS3Opens in a new tab.

Virtual Sea-Monkeys Game

Does your child love sea monkeys and video games? If so, Virtual Sea Monkeys for the PS3 might be the perfect present. This game gives them the opportunity to dive into the depths of sea monkey life and explore hidden pirate ships, participate in karaoke, and more. Give your child the gift of getting up close and personal with the tiny creatures they love.

Sea Monkeys MagiquariumOpens in a new tab.


Keep the fun going even after the lights go out with this sea monkey glow in the dark aquarium. The tank doesn’t require batteries or light bulbs. Just expose it to any amount of light to let it charge then turn the lights off and watch as it stays lit.

This kit comes with a few more additives than the ones mentioned above. It comes with the standard components needed to hatch and grow the sea monkeys in addition to some impressive tank features. Such as the aero-vent tank cover and detachable tank base. This kit is the ultimate gift for that sea monkey loving kid. It even comes with a two-year warranty.

Sea Monkey and BobOpens in a new tab.

Sea Monkey and Bob

There is also a book your child can enjoy about sea monkeys. It’s titled “Sea Monkey and Bob,” and it’s about two anxious sea animals, a puffer fish, and a sea monkey. The puffer fish is named Bob, and he’s nervous that he might float to the surface. In contrast, the sea monkey is worried he might just sink all the way to the bottom.

This humorous book about the commonly anxious friendship among the sea monkey and puffer fish is one that your child with enjoy reading over and over again. In this heartwarming illustrated book by Aron Reynolds and Debbie Ohi, the two learn that they can overcome their fears as long as they have each other’s friendship.

These are all gifts that sea monkey loving kid of yours is sure to adore. Get them the gift of these small crustaceans and watch as their eyes fill with wonder and amazement watching the creatures grow right before their eyes.

Find all items on Amazon for no more than $30. Whoever that lucky kid is, they will love exploring the magical cove and find treasure with their pets. Keep them fed with algae and yeast on a regular basis. Whether you are looking to refill the tank with more sea monkeys, start from scratch, or add to their collection, these products are sure to deliver the smile you desire to see.

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