Get Crafty: Crocheting for Kids

Crafting is an ingenious way to teach children of any age that will last them into adulthood. In an age where screens are king, crocheting for kids can be a great alternative to screen time. 

Something you may not know about crocheting is that you can do it with or without a hook. Another reason that crocheting is such a valuable skill is that the possibilities are endless for projects at any skill level. 

If you don’t know how to crochet but want your children to learn, have no fear. There are several options for learning to crochet. There is nothing like seeing your child smile with pride holding something they made themselves.

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Crocheting for Kids

A child crocheting a baby shoe that looks like a sneaker

The benefit of crocheting or crafts like it can be long-lasting to those who participate. Here is a list of some of the biggest ones.

Motor skills 

The action of crocheting, either with fingers or a hook, will help kids to use the muscles in their hands. This movement repetition will help to build motor skills over time. It will also help in hand-eye coordination.

Critical thinking 

.Kids are forced to look at their project and judge what to do to finish it. Other choices to be made are what method to use and colors. 

Children’s projects will reflect those choices, can give them a boost when they show it off. The feeling of holding a finished project in your hand that you made decisions on is invaluable.

Coping skills

Over time, crafts can become touchstones for children into adulthood for coping and helping with anxiety. Crafting is also commonly known as art therapy. 

The Mayo Clinic cites that art therapyOpens in a new tab. can lift moods, increase mindfulness, and decrease anxiety. Gifting children a craft that is a healthy way to cope throughout their lives can prove to be invaluable. 

STEM activity

Planning a piece to crochet can be an excellent practice of STEM skills. Kids have to look at a lot of factors before and while crocheting. Things like, what weight the yarn should be, how many rows, the stitching size, and so much more. All these variables have to do with Math and engineering. 

A real win for parents is having your kids flex their skills without realizing it and having fun while doing it.

Hook and Finger Crocheting

Someone teaching a child to crochet

In crocheting, the essential tools are your fingers, yarn, and a crochet hook. Crocheting is exceptionally versatile because the design is dictated by the method used. The larger the stitch, the larger the textile will become. 

Yarns are measured by weight and agreed on a weight system that will determine the “size” of the yarn used. 

A popular way to teach children crocheting is called finger crocheting. Instead of using a hook, kids use their fingers to loop threads together. This method is ideal for little hands that aren’t yet ready to coordinate a hook and yarn. 

A bulky yarn size six or seven should be used to do a piece that is crocheted by fingers. It’s a larger yarn and makes it easier for kids to navigate. Early success in a craft can build their confidence to work on more challenging projects or learn new skills. 

Kids can also hone their dexterity and skill by trying different weighted yarns and holding the yarn at other tensions. This method will change the size of the stitching and the project.

Moving Forward

A young girl doing a crocheting for kids project

Once your kids get the hang of crocheting, the fun can really begin. 

The possibilities for projectsOpens in a new tab. are endless! Some personal favorites of ours are flower appliques and chain crochet necklaces. 

A great beginner’s project that can result in a piece to be proud of our crochet squares. These are easily made by beginners and can be connected to make it into a blanket or scarf. 

Crocheting is a skill that can take time, and not everyone knows how to do it. So if you find yourself thinking, “How is my kid going to learn how to crochet if I don’t know how?” don’t worry about it!

Takelessons.comOpens in a new tab. has a talented group of tutors to help your kiddo learn and make it fun. The teachers are vetted and local to Minneapolis. Another plus is that they can come to your home or teach your child online.

The tutors profiled have proven their skillset and do a fine job making lessons while building confidence. If they are specialized in teaching crocheting for kids, you can find that information in their bio.

To offer your kids away to shine, ask them to show you what they learned. You will see the happiness on their face as they teach you a skill that they have learned. Imagine the bonding memory that this can make.

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Kids smiling and looking down into a camera.

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