Best Brewery with Playground in the Twin Cities

Discover the ultimate family destination in the Twin Cities where live music, arcade games, and brewing excellence come together for an unforgettable experience. This is more than just a brewery; it’s a brewery with playground, offering not only an extensive menu of craft beers but also an array of activities for all ages. Imagine an outdoor space where you can savor a selection of beers from a renowned brewing company while your kids are having the time of their lives. So grab your little ones and let’s head out for some fun!

Exploring Family-Friendly Breweries in the Twin Cities in the Twin Cities

family-friendly brewery with playground

In the heart of the Twin CitiesOpens in a new tab., family-friendly breweries offer a unique blend of fun events and delicious beverages. With plenty of space for outdoor seating, these venues are ideal for Sunday mornings, Friday get-togethers, or a relaxing Saturday. They feature yard games and lawn games that appeal to both young and older kids, ensuring everyone in the family has a good time.

Surly Brewing – Minneapolis

Surly Brewing, located in the heart of Minneapolis, is a top choice for families looking for a brewery with a playground and a variety of beverages to enjoy. The spacious outdoor beer garden features a playground that will keep your little ones entertained while you sip on their renowned craft beers and refreshing ciders. With plenty of picnic tables and even a food truck on site, it’s easy to spend an afternoon here enjoying good company and great beer. Surly Brewing truly exemplifies the family-friendly vibe that the Twin Cities are known for.

Dual Citizen Brewing Co. – St Paul

Just across the river in St Paul, Dual Citizen Brewing Co. offers another fantastic option for families seeking a brewery with a playground. Dual Citizen Brewing Co. understands that family time is important and aims to create a space where everyone can relax and have fun together. While you socialize with friends and enjoy their wide selection of brews, your little ones can take over the taproom. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Headflyer Brewing – Minneapolis

If you’re looking for a family-friendly brewery in Minneapolis that combines great beer with a playful atmosphere, Headflyer Brewing is the perfect place to be. This trendy spot boasts not only delicious craft beers but also a designated area for kids to play with coloring books, LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, and more.

The taproom at Headflyer Brewing is designed to cater to both adults and children, with a comfortable seating area for parents to relax while keeping an eye on their little ones. Whether you’re indulging in one of their flavorful IPAs or enjoying a game of Jenga with your kids, Headflyer Brewing welcomes families with kids of all ages and offers a truly inclusive experience for everyone.

What Makes a Brewery Family-Friendly?

family-friendly breweries

A family-friendly brewery goes beyond just offering a playground for kids. It’s about creating an environment where both adults and children can enjoy themselves. These breweries understand the importance of family time and strive to cater to everyone’s needs. From Surly Brewing in Minneapolis, with its picnic tables and food truck, to Dual Citizen Brewing Co. in St Paul, which allows your little ones to take over the taproom while you socialize, these places ensure that parents can relax and have fun while their kids are entertained. Sampling the wide variety of craft brews is also a highlight at these family-friendly breweries.

Play Areas

Play areas are an essential component of a family-friendly brewery. These spaces are thoughtfully designed to keep kids engaged and entertained while their parents enjoy a cold pint. Some breweries have dedicated playrooms with toys, board gamesOpens in a new tab., and activities that cater to different age groups. Others may have outdoor play areas with slides, swings, or even mini-golf courses. The goal is to create an environment where children can have fun and let their imagination run wild while their parents unwind and socialize.

Safety Measures

When it comes to play areas, safety is always a top priority. Family-friendly breweries take measures to ensure that their play areas are safe for children. They carefully select age-appropriate toysOpens in a new tab. and equipment, regularly inspect and maintain them, and provide proper supervision to ensure that kids can play without any worries.

Additionally, these breweries may have policies in place to ensure the safety of all visitors, such as requiring adult supervision at all times and implementing rules to prevent rough play or accidents. By prioritizing safety, family-friendly breweries create a worry-free environment where parents can relax while their children have a blast.

Kid-Friendly Menus

Family-friendly breweries understand that kids have different taste preferences and dietary needs compared to adults. That’s why they offer kid-friendly menusOpens in a new tab. that cater to younger palates. These menus often feature a variety of options, ranging from classic favorites like chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese to healthier choices like grilled chicken wraps, hot dogs, or veggie sticks with dip.

Some breweries may even offer special menu items for children with food allergies or dietary restrictions, ensuring that every little visitor can find something delicious to enjoy. By providing kid-friendly food options, family-friendly breweries ensure that no one is left hungry or craving outside food.

The Importance of Play Areas in Breweries

Play areas in breweries serve an important purpose in creating a welcoming environment for families. They provide a space where children can let their imaginations run wild while their parents unwind and socialize. These play areas not only keep the little ones entertained, but they also allow parents to relax without constantly worrying about their kids’ safety or entertainment.

Keep Kids Entertained

With a variety of outdoor games and activities, breweries create a fun, interactive space that keeps kids entertained and engaged. This ensures a family-friendly environment where parents can relax while their kiddos have a great time.

Safe and Supervised Fun

Safety is a top priority in family-friendly breweries with playgrounds. These establishments take great care to ensure that the play areas are safe and well-maintained, with sturdy equipment and soft surfaces. Additionally, trained staff members or designated play area attendants are often present to supervise the children and provide assistance if needed. This allows parents to have peace of mind knowing that their little ones are in a secure environment where they can have fun without any worries.

Socializing Opportunities for Children

In addition to keeping kids entertained, play areas in breweries also provide valuable socializing opportunities for children. These spaces allow kids to interact with their peers and make new friends while exploring the playground together. This not only helps them develop important social skills but also fosters a sense of community within the brewery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can kids go to breweries in Minnesota?

Children are allowed in Minnesota breweries as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Many breweries in the state have family-friendly policies and offer play areas or designated spaces for children to enjoy while their parents relax and socialize. It’s always a good idea to check with specific breweries beforehand to inquire about their policies regarding children.

Do breweries offer any special events or activities for families?

Many breweries with playgrounds offer special events and activities specifically catered towards families, providing a better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Father’s Day or any other day. These events provide a fun and interactive experience for both kids and adults, fostering a sense of community and creating lasting memories for the whole family. Be sure to check with individual breweries to see what exciting activities they have planned!

Are there any specific laws or regulations that breweries with playgrounds need to follow?

Breweries with playgrounds need to comply with local laws and regulations regarding safety, zoning, and alcohol licensing. They may also need to meet specific requirements set by health departments and child safety organizations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all patrons, especially children.


In conclusion, Twin Cities offers a plethora of family-friendly breweries that cater to both parents and children. These breweries understand the importance of providing a safe and entertaining environment for families to enjoy. With outdoor play areas, kid-friendly menus, and accessible spaces, these breweries ensure that both kids and parents have a great time. If you have any other recommendations for family-friendly breweries in the Twin Cities, feel free to comment below. Cheers to a fun-filled family outing!

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