Boogie Board Writing Tablet Review (By a Real Parent)

Boogie Board Writing Tablet Review: A Real Parent’s Perspective

Summer is coming! If you are parents of school-aged children, you are likely already thinking about what to do with them over the summer. With most school systems getting out for the summer in the next few weeks, parents are scrambling to find ways to continue their children’s education over the summer months.

How To Keep Learning Over The Summer

Boogie Board List brainstorm play

Well, I have a great idea to help you maximize their learning time while still having fun.

What might this secret weapon be that is both fun and educational? It’s a boogie board writing tabletOpens in a new tab.. And, no, I’m not referring to something you play with at the beach. This LCD writing tablet makes it fun for you and your child to learn together all summer long.

In our home, we have two boogie boards, one for me and one for the kid. These have been a godsend for our family in many ways.

Boogie Board SyncOpens in a new tab.

take ever day notes

I purchased a Boogie Board Sync for my personal use. You see, I tend to continually write notes for myself, reminding myself of appointments and making lists of things I need to accomplish. Before my boogie board, it wasn’t uncommon to find 20 or more sticky notes all over my computer desk with lists of things I needed to buy at the grocery store, do on our farm, appointments, and information for people I needed to contact.

Now, using my Boogie Board Sync, not only can I write all these things down on the board, but I can save these notes to the memory card, share them with Evernote, or transfer them to my computer. Talk about convenience. It has been a great way to declutter my workspace.

I have already begun making lists of things I want to do with my daughter this summer on my board. There are so many camps and classes to consider; it is very convenient for me to have them all in one spot that I can easily access.

Standard Boogie Board Opens in a new tab.

standard boogie board

For my daughter, I purchased a standard boogie board in her favorite color, blue. It has been a fantastic tool to help her practice and improve writing skills. This handwriting tablet is fun for her to use, and feels very similar to writing on paper with an ink pen. The best part about it is the ability to instantly erase anything on the board by only pushing a button.

With us living on a farm, there are many chores that my daughter must regularly do. The boogie board includes attachable magnets, so her board is stored on our refrigerator door. Typically, before she starts her day in the summer, I write her list of chores for the day on the boogie board. She loves being able to cross off each task as she completes it. Of course, she especially enjoys hitting the erase button once she has finished them all.

Learning Made Fun

learning fun with the boogie board

Over the summer, I am always trying to find ways to incorporate learning into our days. We will often discuss math problems throughout the day, whether we are working on a budget for shopping or figuring out when one of our farm animals will be giving birth. The boogie board is a fun and simple way to complete fundamental math problems. My daughter loves that she can erase incorrect answers instantly and start over. She also enjoys seeing how much money she will be getting for allowance as we write it on her board weekly.

The boogie board is also fantastic for spelling and language skills. When my daughter is uncertain on how to spell a word, she will often practice writing on the boogie board to determine if the word looks correct. She is a visual learner, so this has helped her improve her spelling tremendously. When traveling, the boogie board is used to write down the unique things we see along the way. That makes it an excellent gadget for summer travels.

Now that we are speaking of summer travels, the boogie board is excellent for traveling games. Some of our favorite games to play on the boogie board while traveling include Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe, and I Spy. These games are great for working on skills of observation. They are also just plain fun.

Of course, my daughter’s favorite thing to do on her boogie board is art. The kid is obsessed with cats, so it isn’t uncommon for me to find doodles that include cats on her board. The good thing is, even with art, she is improving her fine-motor skills. In fact, now that she has used her boogie board for several months, I have noticed a considerable improvement in her writing and other skills that require fine-motor coordination.


echo friendly boogie board

You know, we should all be doing what we can to save resources and protect the earth. Using a boogie board is one way do this. Just think of all the paper that you could save by using the boogie board instead of relying on pen and paper for all the above things mentioned.

Can you imagine how much paper I went through with my daughter being a young artist? Her drawings were everywhere. Now, I can merely save her pictures on my computer rather than having piles of papers that end up in the trash.

As I stated earlier, before purchasing the Boogie Board Sync, I was going through more than my share of sticky notes. Not only did that leave my desk looking completely unorganized, but it was very wasteful. I was regularly throwing out old sticky notes, but I also went through many pens and pencils. Now, I don’t have to feel guilty about writing a short letter to myself. No more paper or writing utensils to trash. Instead, I write my notes on the Boogie Board Sync and either save them or erase them.


There are many amazing benefits to purchasing a boogie board for your children this summer. Perhaps you can think of a few reasons yourself. If so, please leave a comment below letting us know how you and your child use a boogie board.

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