Behold- The Twin Cities Christmas Lights Tours List You’ve Been Waiting for!

Are you and your family full of excitement for the Christmas season this year? Viewing Christmas lights tours in Minneapolis is a free or inexpensive way to share in the wonder of the season. Plus, the lights happen at night, meaning it’s an ideal opportunity to spend time with your family after they have finished work and school for the day.

Here are some tips to make the most out of your car ride as you enjoy a Minneapolis Christmas:

Christmas music: Large displays usually have Christmas music playing, and you can even tune in to hear them on the radio. Most of these light displays, however, are smaller. You can increase the ambiance yourself with some Christmas music on the radio or by listening to your favorite music app.

Hot chocolate and Christmas cookies: Bring a snack to get in the holiday spirit as you watch the lights with a loved one. Whether you’re preparing an ideal date or bringing the whole family, hot chocolate is especially cozy and romantic.

A young girl at a holiday lights display

Wear your pajamas: You get to view Christmas lights in Minneapolis from the comfort of your car. There’s no need to get the whole family dressed. Just throw a coat over that onesie, and you’re ready to experience the wonder of Christmas from the heated interior of your vehicle.

Bring your electronic devices – but stow them away: Especially in winter, you should always have a cell phone with you on the road. Light displays, however, give you a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of the season. Ask your family to refrain from using their electronic devices for the duration of the adventure.

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The Best Minneapolis Area Christmas Lights

Check out the best Christmas lights in Minneapolis. Here’s where you can drive:

Summit Avenue Residences

Victorian homes abound on Summit Avenue, and they bring an especially old-fashioned wintry charm. If you’re in it for a lengthier drive, you can view several houses on your trip by coasting down Summit.

Start with the private homes, then end your tour at the governor’s residenceOpens in a new tab. at 1006 Summit Avenue. Don’t forget to view the tree right across from the governor’s mansion.

Christmas Lights Twin Cities
Twin Cities Christmas Lights Tour

Schultz Family Lights

This St. Paul display is filled with light-up figurines. If your family’s a fan of the plastic light-ups, don’t miss this exhibition. This location is at 1526 York Avenue in St. Paul.

Cairl Family Lights

This display is expansive, with strings of lights scaling impressively tall trees. Icicle lights dance and sparkle, and several illuminated gifts sit just under the tree. You can find this display at 2342 145th Ave NW in Andover. Don’t forget to tune into 99.1 FM as the lights are synced to perform with it.

Shakopee Winter Wonderland

Ready to see a lit up Ferris wheel in action? That’s what makes the Shakopee Winter Wonderland fantastic. Guests can explore this display on foot, and if you forget snacks, there might be a treat for you to enjoy. Sometimes they also provide craft items. It’s tempting enough to brave the cold! Find it at 921 Shakopee Avenue East in Shakopee.

Trista Rainbow Lights

Every Christmas light display in Minneapolis is different, but the Trista Rainbow Lights have a style of their own. Ordered and organized, these lights ebb and flow in a luminous, prismatic display, which includes a tree of lights at the center. These beautiful lights dance to the music of 97.5 FM, and you can find them at 4386 Trista Bend in Minnetrista.

Mellem Light Display

Head over to Andover to experience the Mellem Family’s yearly Christmas lights. This festive display, synced to the music of 88.1 FM, is among the most sprawling and brightest in the area. Find it at 1662 145th Lane Northwest in Andover.


For a more extensive celebration involving Christmas lights, check out Holidazzle. It is an ever-growing event happening in downtown Minneapolis and includes movie nights, fireworks, and more! Plan your trip accordingly by reading over the scheduleOpens in a new tab.. Since you’ll be out of the car for this one, don’t forget to bundle up. Holidazzle includes an impressive lights display (with illuminated animal installations), a kids zone, and a chance to meet Santa Claus.

Outdoor christmas decorations at christmas town usa

Whether you’re up for the full adventure of Holidazzle or committed to seeing the sights from your car this year, taking a short trip can create a magical experience for your entire family.

Are you excited about the holidays this year? What are your favorite Christmas lights in Minneapolis? Help other readers by sharing your tips in the comments below, and stay warm on your adventures!

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