A Parents Guide for Fortnite for Kids

If you’re like most parents, you’ve heard of the Fortnite craze sweeping our nation. The latest trend in video games, Fortnite has quickly made an impression on our youth. The game is already a cult classic. Whether your kids are running around doing the floss dance, or begging for the latest Fortnite merchandise, chances are, the Fortnite bug has hit your kids.

As a parent, you might be wondering: “Is Fortnite ok for kids?” While your kids might be all about this new game, you might not be quite ready to let them jump on the bandwagon and start playing. You might want to check it out for yourself first.

It’s only a matter of time before your kids ask to download Fortnite on your phone or get it for their Xbox if they haven’t already. While this game is fun, popular, and trendy, being aware of what it’s about and what it includes is essential to let your kids spend time playing.

It can be tough to evaluate video games for age appropriateness, but as a parent it’s necessary. Wading through age ratings, information and opinions can feel overwhelming. With this helpful guide, you’ll have the knowledge to make the best decision for your family when it comes to playing Fortnite.

What Exactly is Fortnite?

If you are new to the Fortnite epidemic, you may be curious about what exactly the game is all about. Fortnite is an online game where players participate in a mega-brawl with numerous other players. Fortnite takes place on an island where characters all fight each other until only one is left standing. The island is full of weapons, supplies and materials, and even fun props and costumes.

Kids rapidly caught on to this quirky and interactive game. With all of the media attention and widespread popularity, Fortnite easily made its way into many devices. Fortnite is also a multi-platform game. This means regardless of your device or gaming system, you can likely install the game. One of the most significant bonuses about Fortnite? It’s free!

Fortnite features offbeat humor and cartoon-like graphics, making it appealing to kids as well as softening the violent theme.


Why Kids Love the Fortnite Craze

Fortnite is full of silly objects and weapons, fun dance moves, and crazy costumes. These elements, along with the social aspect, make this game intriguing and entertaining for kids. Being able to play online with their friends is a massive draw to kids. They love the commonality and interaction online with their friends. In this modern era, even young kids understand the importance of being able to meet up with your friends in an online game.

We can’t deny the cult-like following this game creates. Kids frequently perform the floss dance for anyone who will watch. Favorite YouTubers stream their gameplay, making it fun for kids to watch and play.

Is Fortnite ok for Kids?

In the end, determining if Fortnite is ok for kids will come down to a personal choice that you will have to gauge for yourself. Being aware of what the game entails helps you evaluate the appropriateness for your children.

While the primary objective in Fortnite is to kill other players, the violence is not as overt as you may think. The cartoonish graphics help soften the violence, as well as the outlandish weapons, costumes, and supplies. Instead of a dark and bloody theme, the game has a fun and bright tone, keeping the shooting game unrealistic and silly.

The Fortnite age rating is twelve years old, due to not only the violence but the open chat feature. Kids can chat while playing the game, bringing to mind safety concerns when it comes to interacting with strangers. Another concern with live chat is the probability that there could be some profanity use from strangers.

These are all valid concerns that parents will need to address when evaluating whether or not Fortnite is an acceptable game for their children to play. The live chat feature, as well as violence, no matter what the spin is on it, might make you reconsider letting your children play Fortnite.

Playing Video Game

Is Fortnite for Your Kids?

It’s clear that Fortnite is an immensely popular game among children, pre-teens, and teenagers. Kids can’t escape hearing about it from friends at school, references on tv, or Youtubers.  At some point, if they haven’t already, your children will likely want to play this game. Staying on top of the latest information and understanding what the game is about is essential to monitoring your child’s engagement in games like Fortnite.

When it comes to deciding if Fortnite is ok for kids, you can consider the Fortnite age rating of twelve, as well as the content and ability to chat with strangers. Evaluating these factors will help you determine if it’s an appropriate game for your children. You will be able to monitor and set limits on it if you do decide to let them play.

Video games can be a lot of fun for kids and can be a source of entertainment, social interaction, and even a reward. Monitoring games’ content and age appropriateness can be hard for parents. With a little time and research, you can answer your questions and obtain the information you need.

Your kids might be eager to play Fortnite or already be enjoying playing it with their friends. Their excitement and enthusiasm about the game might be hard to resist, but you’ll feel better about letting them play once you can assess the age appropriateness of the game and decide if it’s right for your family.

Fortnite might become a new sensation in your own home now that you know what the game is about and whether or not it is ok for kids. Staying up to date on the latest technology helps you keep your kids safe while having fun at the same time. Now that you know all about Fortnite, impress your kids with your version of the floss dance, and show them how hip you are.

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