6 Reasons to Visit the Crayola Experience

If you have kids in the Twin Cities area, you have likely heard of The Crayola ExperienceOpens in a new tab.. There are Crayola Experiences throughout the country, and we are lucky enough to have one in the Mall of America for easy access. 

As a mom of four sweet (and sometimes crazy!) kiddos, I sometimes shy away from events that might be hectic with my family.

The Crayola Experience did not, at all, disappoint. There’s no mistaking that you’ve landed in art and creativity heaven. Before I could even lay out the rules, the older kids were off, and the youngest went to play with some excellent drip crayon art station.

I, surprisingly, found myself alone with nothing to do, so I took a seat, exhaled, and thanked the Crayola gods.  I also might have patted myself on the back for letting my kids bully me into going. Not saying I did pat myself on the back, just saying it could have happened. So here’s the thing though- I’m seriously impressed with this attraction, and that’s saying something.  I decided you needed a list of why I enjoyed it so much, to see if it’s something you too would enjoy (even with kids in tow).

Without further ado, or further rambling about my lazy parenting style, here are a few reasons you should go to the Crayola Experience. Tip: make sure you get tickets via our special link because they are a great deal at $6 off 365 days a year – go here to purchase them. You can thank me later).

Crayola Experience

1) You Won’t Lose Your Mind

The Crayola Experience in 60,000 feet of fun for all ages. Seriously. That is larger than a football field. They recommend three to four hours to enjoy it; we stayed for five. If you’re looking for a full day activity that will keep everyone, including mom or dad, happy, look no further.

Plus, the activities are self-guided. You won’t have to plan around tour guides or schedules. Everything is at your own pace.

At the Crayola Experience, it’s not panic-inducing. You can take a herd of kids, all ages, and let them loose.  The space they have the attraction in is big and spacious so you can see everyone, and there’s only one way in and out- so you don’t have to worry about the escape artists in the family.  

Also, kids are so engulfed in crafts and playing that they are pretty quiet, so if the sound gets to you, worry not my friends.  Worry not! There’s plenty to keep their minds busy enough to go a few hours without screaming or squealing.

2) There’s Something for Everyone

From the second you walk in and are handed your guide, your jaw will hit the ground with all that is available. Whatever your kids are into, you will find something to keep them entertained.

The list of available attractions is:

  • Wrap it Up–create a customized label for your own crayon.
  • Create and Play–an app full of fun.
  • Be a Star–star in your own coloring page.
  • Colossal Caddy–color a giant caddy with innumerable crayons.
  • Cool Moves–through technology, you can dance with crayons.
  • Stomp and Play–enjoy this interactive floor.
  • Puzzle It–create and cut your own puzzle.
  • Silly Selfies–take your selfie game to a new level.
  • Modeling Madness–check out this fun and unique fluffy compound.
  • Toddler Town–a place just for the youngest Crayola lovers!
  • Meltdown–paint with melted crayons.
  • Crayon Factory Theatre–see how crayons are made live!
  • Activity Studio–an ever-changing creative space.
  • Paint Palette–paint the current project, which changes throughout the year.
  • Rockin’ Paper–have you ever seen a paper creation move on its own?
  • Cafe Show–be entertained.
  • Color Playground–two stories of colorful and active play.
  • Scribble Scrubbie–color and clean your new washable pet.
  • Rainbow Rain–play in virtual wax rain.
  • Birthday Rooms–celebrate your birthday in colorful style.
  • You Design–design your own colorful outfit and pose in it.
  • Color Magic–turn a coloring page into an adventure.
  • Drip Art–use melted wax to create a swirled masterpiece.
  • Melt and Mold–turn melted crayons into a keepsake.

3) Food

Kids go through food like it’s going out of style. I don’t care how much food I pack and how prepared I am; there’s always some drama when it comes to food. Well, if I’m honest, there is always some drama that food-based bribery will solve. Am I right, Moms? Right.

Well, there’s a cafe with all sorts of fun treats, healthy treats, beverages, and even gluten-free treats. They have salad, kid food, sugar, sugar-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and so much more. Yeah, whoever planned the cafe knew a few things about kids and Moms these days. 

The cafe can be a little expensive, so be prepared to spend a little at lunch.

If you want to avoid the extra cost, pack your own lunch. You will have to eat in the mall area, though. We were able to bring snacks and drinks in, and nobody questioned it.

There is a snack vending machine with HEALTHY options. Who knew these even existed? If you forget snacks, or your kids eat them all, you have options.

4) Birthday Parties for the Win!

When I saw they had party rooms, and you get to send the kids out to do their thing, I was more than thrilled and took a mental note for our next party. The room was big enough for kids AND parents. Just say goodbye to crowded rental rooms that smell like stinky feet and old carpet, and hello to fresh, clean, and bright rooms. Finally!

Guests also get in free within seven days of their birthday.

5) It Won’t Break the Bank

THANKFULLY if you have a membership with Twin Cities Kids Club (if you’re in the area and aren’t a member you’re wasting money, I promise), you get a discount.  

So join the club, buy the tickets, and save some cash. You can thank me later

6) The Staff

Us Moms are pretty used to dealing with employees that haven’t ever really genuinely dealt with kids, but once again, the Crayola team was intentional at hiring staff that seem to like kids. They interact with the kids, help explain things in kids’ language, and are so beyond patient. No more apologizing for your rambunctious kids or trying to be in six places at once. The staff here is so helpful and caring; you’ll think you died and went to mom heaven.

Here’s the thing, I could go on and on about how excellent this place is. Maybe it’s the colors; perhaps it’s the peaceful feeling of knowing the kids are focused and happy, I don’t know.  Could have been the cupcakes. I’m not sure. Whatever “it” was, I enjoyed my time there, and my kids did too. I almost hate to announce it for the entire area to hear because then more people will come- but it’s SUCH a great attraction.

Survival Gear

When you do go- here are a few tips to help make the experience as fun as possible:

  1. Bring plenty of water.  There are a lot of active games and ways to work up a sweat (who knew) so make sure you have the kids’ water bottles
  2. Plan.  Go to their website and look at everything there is to do and get a game plan in your head, in case you have too many young ones to let them do their own thing. I was lucky and didn’t have to worry about this too much, but I can see how with a few little ones, it would be good to plan.
  3. Park where the website instructs you to park, you’ll avoid all the other attractions MOA has, and thus avoid having to say no a million times. Go directly to P4 Florida on the South end of the fourth floor of the parking garage. There is a skyway directly to The Crayola Experience inside MOA.
  4. The Crayola Experience is easily accessible for strollers to maneuver.
  5. Once you purchase your tickets, you can come and go until closing that day. Ensure you have the stamp on your hand, however.
  6. There are many extra things you can purchase, from food to souvenirs to lockers to additional tokens. Be sure to bring some extra spending money. Or be prepared to say no a lot.
  7. For goodness sake, do not pay full price! Get discounted tickets through Twin Cities Kids Club. Also, Teachers and First Responders get in free every day, your Birthday is free, and Military members are free on certain weekends but always discounted $5.
  8. Bring another Mom, because, “the more, the merrier. “
  9. Extra Room in your bag- you’ll have lots of new things to hang on the fridge when you get home

So there you have it, my fellow Moms and Dads (shout out to stay at home Dads)Opens in a new tab..  I went to The Crayola ExperienceOpens in a new tab., I saw, I colored, I crafted, I stomped, I ate, and I conquered and laughed- and you guessed it- I lived to tell about it.

Don’t walk parents. Go.  Run. Go and have a fun time with your kids.  Be cliche and do the thing. You’ll create memories and want to come back, I promise!  Bring Grandma and Grandpa and the cousins and friends. And please, have fun. Enjoy every second.


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