What to do Without Kids: A Parent’s Guide

what to do without kids

So you found yourself with a night of freedom without your children. Or maybe they are going away to Grandma and Grandpas for the week. The question becomes, what are you going to do without your kids? 

It’s time for you to have a staycation. Relax, kick back, and enjoy some much-needed adult time. This article will review ideas on what you can do to make the most of it. 

You might be tempted to let mom (or dad) guilt get in the way. Don’t! You can miss you kids but still enjoy some much-needed rest and recharging time.

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Now back to new and creative ideas for those days of freedom without children. 

what to do without kids

Go to an Art Event

Whether it be a gallery opening or an art museum, creative culture is a beautiful idea for something new. Galleries are often changing their exhibits and featuring new artists, so you never know what you are going to see. At openings, there are also sometimes free appetizers or wine, which is a bonus. 

Art events are located in the city, which may give you a reason to explore a new restaurant or bar beforehand. You can have the opportunity to explore areas you may not have visited in a long time. 

Spa Day at Home

Bring the benefits of the spa to your home to save on money. It is a spectacular way to reconnect as a couple or treat yourself when you are without kids. 

You can buy wine or sparkling grape juice, light candles, draw a bath, and enjoy. If on hand, treat yourself to a face mask or pedicure treatment. Let your spouse give you a massage as touch is a fantastic way to help both of you relax and enjoy your time alone. 

what to do without kids

Go to a Comedy Club

Comedy clubs are incredibly fun. There is always alcohol available, but you do not necessarily need it to enjoy the entertainment. The show will also often include dinner, which is an added treat. 

You usually see a couple of different comedians during the show, and clubs often rotate entertainers. They work hard at their craft to write content that will make you roar. It is a great excuse to dress up, laugh, and have a wonderful time connecting without the kids. 

Enjoy Star Gazing

Go to a place free of the city distractions where you can get a good view of the sky. Layout a blanket or sit on the hood of the car like when you were a teenager. 

For added fun, look up constellations beforehand to spot what you’re looking for in the sky. Side note: it’s a great way to one-up your spouse too. Bring a telescope if you have one available so you can see some fantastic sites. It’s a perfect date night idea without kids, but it is also something you can share with them when they return. 

Plan a Picnic Date

A picnic is easy, delicious, and fun. It doesn’t have to be a traditional picnic like you would do with the kids. You have adult time without them, so enjoy it. 

Find a new place to explore, whether in a state park or somewhere more elusive and private. Bring your favorite wine, chocolate, cheese, and bread for a fun French twist. Just don’t forget a comfortable blanket, sunscreen, and bug spray, so it is an enjoyable experience for both of you. 

what to do without kids


Music does heal the soul. Go to a local concert to see a new band. Cover bands are an excellent way to revisit some of your favorite music from the past. To save money, consider going to see local music in the park. 

You can also just put on music to listen to together for a romantic night at home. Pandora, Spotify, and apple music all offer various playlists that can set the mood. You will be surprised by how it allows you to either reconnect with your partner or soothes your spirit if you are by yourself. 

Listen to the music you enjoy when you are without the kids. No filters are necessary. 


It may not be your idea of fun, but the feeling of accomplishment after the fact is rewarding. Fix that broken toilet seat, unpack those amazon boxes, clean out the stove. Get the household tasks done you have been putting off and never seem to be able to accomplish when the kids are around. 

Once you check the tasks off your list, you can enjoy one of the fun date night ideas while soaking in the feeling of fulfillment of getting some of the to-do items off of your list. 


Take a nap or sleep in through the morning. You are without the kids, so it is ideal for catching up on some much-needed rest. If you have a spouse, use the time to cuddle together and bond. 

To help ease you into a deep slumber, try a meditation app or soft music. It is a perfect time to rest both your mind and soul. You need this time to refresh and rejuvenate, so when the kids return, you can return to chaos with a clear head. 

what to do without kids

Enjoy Your Time Without Kids So You Can Enjoy the Time With Them More

When you take the time to be an adult, you are a better parent. It is not selfish to take time away from the kids to do the things you enjoy alone or as a couple. You are a better parent when you are happy and content—having regular time as an adult feeds your happiness. 

When the kids do return, you will have the energy to enjoy your time with them. Remember to sign up for your FREE Twin Cities Kids Club memberships, so you can access free and affordable options when they return.

Never forget you are a wonderful parent, and your kids know it both when you are with them and when you are without them. Your love always shines.


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