Top Four Ted Talks About Parenting

ted talks parenting

Let’s face it: as parents, we sometimes need all the inspiration we can get to survive a weekday (or, honestly, maybe just breakfast). Rewarding as it is, parenting is no easy task. Are we doing enough to make the littles feel loved and appreciated? Will our offspring grow up to be strong and independent people? Are we raising responsible citizens and future leaders? Will today’s salt painting result in tomorrow’s Picasso? We put our mom and dad brains into overdrive sometimes asking questions just like these! Fret not, exhausted parent–you’re likely doing a fantastic job! If you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration, advice, or just a push towards positivity, take a break and check out a Ted Talk about parenting!

Top 4 Ted Talks About Parenting

Talks1. Let’s Talk About Parenting Taboos

Just as the title indicates, this Ted Talk covers parenting topics that may be considered taboo.’s husband and wife publishing team, Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman, candidly discuss topics from the excitement of becoming parents for the first time to the heartbreak of miscarriage. While this duo highlights some typically heavy issues, they keep it honest, light-hearted funny, and entirely relatable.  In addition to being a “must see” for parents, it’s pretty excellent for kid-free friends also!

2. 5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do

Being protective, paranoid, and easily panicked is what parents do best, right? Gever Tulley is the founder of The Tinkering School.  He believes allowing kids to encounter some danger in their lives is just what they need. In a world filled with warning labels on everything from coffee cups to tiny pieces of plastic, sometimes we focus on all the potential dangers and forget to let our kids just be kids! Tulley’s Ted Talk inspires parents to dismiss their fears and phobias, and allow kids to have fantastic experiences, even if those involve power tools and pocket knives.


3. It’s Time for “The Talk”

Spend a quick five minutes watching this talk with comedian Julia Sweeney. Everyone dreads the day their child wants to know more about where babies come from, or in Julia’s case, how tadpoles develop! This hilarious Ted Talk about parenting will have you laughing out loud!

4. A Father-Daughter Bond, One Photo at a Time

Raise your hand if you’re ALWAYS the parent snapping the photos instead of being in them! This Ted Talk by Steven Addis chronicles his annual trips to New York City with his daughter. The duo unintentionally started a photographic tradition on a New York street corner after Addis finally made the jump from behind the lens to in the frame. Take three minutes and listen to this inspiring talk. Then, get out there and start making some memories with your children!

It’s so easy to get caught up in our thoughts, wondering if we are doing a good enough job. No doubt about it, we are likely comparing ourselves and our kids to the families down the street. If parenting woes have you feeling down, or you’re just looking for a little advice, turn to these Ted Talks about parenting. You’ll feel relieved, inspired, motivated, and walk away with a warmed heart.


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