Super Bowl Snacks the Whole Family Will Love

Family Will Love

I look forward to the Super Bowl every year. There is so much packed into that afternoon game the first Sunday in February. The commercials, the always-amazing halftime shows (Justin Timberlake is performing this year, and I am beyond excited), the football is often good, too (the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Patriots are sure to deliver an action-packed game). Even with all that excitement, the thing that I love the most about the Super Bowl is the snacks.

Snacks on Snacks

Ok, here me out on this one. Can you think of any other sporting events throughout the year with so many snack options? Everyone comes over and is decked out in all their regalia (even that one Raiders fan, since there’s one in every family), and we all stay glued to the television- its American. It’s what we do.

I’ve compiled a list of Super Bowl food ideas, appetizers and crowd-pleasing snacks for everyone to enjoy, even the kids (for some of the recipes, they can also help! Parental discretion advised.)

Family Will Love

For the Kids

  • Football Rice Krispie Treats. These are super easy to make and are a crowd pleaser. I have always been a fan of things being quick and fun, with minimal mess and prep. Just prepare Rice Krispie treats like you usually would (I use the recipe on the back of the box) and while they are still hot and haven’t firmed up, spray some Pam on your hands (kids too) to keep the sticky mess down and form into footballs. You can make icing threads like laces on them for extra football festiveness.
  • Chex Mix: this is an easy snack that will offset the sweetness of the rice krispie footballs. I just follow the recipe from the box. Make it as salty as you like too! I’ve got a salt-tooth, and I tend to make my Chex Mix high on the sodium intake.  
  • Personal Bagel Pizzas. This recipe is so easy and is tastier than the frozen microwaved kind. I don’t get too fancy with anything. You can substitute out the ingredients. I am of the mind that pineapple does not belong on pizza, but my kids are all about pineapple on pizza. That is also a fun thing for the kids to do as they wait for commercials or the halftime show. Making your own personal pizza is a delicious way to pass the time.  Follow the recipe from Kids in the Kitchen for this one!
  • Fruit Dip. This one is my all-time favorite fruit dip. Its two ingredients, which is another win in my book. Okay, are you ready for it? Its strawberry cream cheese and marshmallow fluff. Yup. Mix them until they are thoroughly combined. It’s perfect for apples, strawberries, bananas; you name it!


For the Sweet Tooth Folks

  • Cookies and Cream Cheese Ball. Say what? I am a huge fan of cheese balls. I love them. I also like Oreos and chocolate chips. This cheese ball has it all. The best and most festive thing about this cheese ball is that you can use a variety of dipping options. I like to offer pretzels to get that sweet and salty mix going. You also could go all in and dip Oreo cookies in it as well. After all, the Super Bowl comes around only once a year, so dip your Cookies and Cream Cheese Ball heart out.  I like to use the recipe from Shugary Sweets.    
  • Muddie Buddies. These are a classic favorite. The best thing about this sugary, scrumptious treat is that the recipe is on the back of the Chex cereal box. You don’t even have to have your iPad or tablet open to check the recipe. No peanut butter scroll marks on the screens!

Add Some Spice to the Game

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip. I love my dips. The Buffalo Chicken Dip is always one of the first to get consumed at my house. It has just the exact amount of kick to keep you coming back for more. I like to have an assortment of veggies to dip in it like celery, carrots, and cucumber spears. You can find several variants of this recipe and can tailor the heat to your specifications. If you like it hot, pour in that buffalo sauce! If you aren’t looking for a kick in the face, add it sparingly.
  • Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers. My mouth is watering just typing that out. And here I got all the way down in my snack list that you may have been thinking I put bacon in a corner. Nobody puts bacon in a corner. Can it even be called a Super Bowl party without bacon? I like to follow Allrecipe’s version and make mine with cream cheese.

For Everyone Else

  • Dorito Casserole. Yes, you read me correctly. Dorito casserole. It’s all your junk food dreams come true, cradled in a casserole dish. That has been a fan-favorite of Super Bowl parties for years. It is the green bean casserole of the Super Bowl. One snack reigns supreme: and its name is Dorito Casserole. That is a dish that you can either cry in for it to comfort you with its heavenly Dorito-chip cheesiness or can join you in celebrating your team’s win by having a party on your taste buds.  
  • Popcorn Bar. Everyone loves popcorn. For this year’s Super Bowl I am doing a salty, sweet, and spicy popcorn bar. You can use whatever variation tickles your fancy. I am having a cheddar flavor, a caramel and chocolate drizzle, and a buffalo popcorn choice. For the buffalo popcorn, I salt it with buffalo flavored popcorn salt. It’s the best stuff on Earth and is the easiest way to season popcorn.

Here’s to a Super Bowl full of fun and snacks!

Bowl full of fun and snacks

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