The Super Bowl: For Families

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Are you ready for a fun day in (or out on the town) with the family for the Super Bowl this year? The Super Bowl can help you create some family fun time, including sports-related activities, delicious snack foods, and even some education about football. From food to a day out, you can take the opportunity to treasure those family moments and entwine them with Super Bowl traditions this year.

5 Super Bowl Appetizers the Kids and Adults Will Love

The Super Bowl is a day-long activity. Instead of eating huge meals, many families have food continuously available throughout the day. You can also prepare many of these in advance, allowing you to focus on spending time with your family and cheering on your favorite team.

Ham and Cheese Toasties in a Basket

This appetizer is hearty enough to feed the whole family – and once you’ve gone through the trouble of making it, it’s easy to serve. That is also a helpful step to help kids get from their staple foods to something they might call ‘weird.’ The artisan twist and the pretty presentation is guaranteed to pull their interests and engage their appetites.

Pizza Bites

Who doesn’t love pizza? These pizza bites are perfect for the super bowl. If you have a large family at your Super Bowl party, you can double the recipe quickly, as the creator of the recipe suggests. While health usually isn’t a focus on Super Bowl Sunday, the fresh ingredients in these pizza bites are a sensible alternative to the frozen stuff from a box.


Super Bowl Chicken Nuggets

Want your kids to venture beyond McDonald’s and frozen foods when it comes to chicken nuggets? Can they handle a little spice in their food? It’s time for the next level: homemade chicken nuggets. Adult football fans will love the kick that these nuggets provide, and the difference from the standard nugget fare serves as a reminder of the exciting and special nature of the event!

Cheeseburger Sliders

Looking for something that’s fast and familiar? These cheeseburger sliders are sure to hit the spot. Plus, your younger family members won’t leave a full burger half-eaten. With these bite-sized portions, they can take as much or as little as they like. They’re also easy to take away and reheat at a later time, depending on how hungry your crowd becomes.

Cheesy Monkey Bread

This bread is another one great for the family to share. Everyone can grab a portion size of their choice, and it’s also one you can leave sit out for a while (or refrigerate and bring out again later).

3 Local Twin Cities Super Bowl Events to Attend

If you’re like most families, you spend more time than you’d like in front of the TV or computer. Why not take Super Bowl Sunday to do something active with your family? You can bond at one of these Twin Cities events on and around the day of the Super Bowl.

Super Bold Family Day

Located near Evereve on West End Boulevard, kids will love the Super Bold Family Day. This free event occurs from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. on February 3. It’s precisely a family-friendly event. Enjoy prizes, games, food, giveaways, and more at this event.  RSVP on Facebook here. That is ideal if you don’t want a long commitment for a day, but have a few hours to spend out and about.

Verizon Super Bowl Live Events

Verizon Super Bowl Live Events happen at the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis. The wide selection of events ensures that some are family friendly, notably the Built Ford Tough Sleigh Ride, the opportunity to have your family photo taken in a snow globe and the tasty food selections provided by the many food trucks. In one stop, you can inspire laughter, get some shopping done, and go home with a memorable photo you’ll treasure for years to come.

Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis

UHCCF Frosty Fat Tire Festival

This event benefits the UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation. Bundle the family up to experience this event on Feb. 3 in Minnetonka Beach, MN. Local bike riders dress for the weather and complete as many half-mile circuits as possible in the name of charity. Families can warm up by the fire and roast smores and then enjoy a sleigh ride!

5 Fun Activities Your Kids to Learn About Football

Are your kids particularly interested in football, how to play it, and what the Super Bowl means in American culture? You can explore football on Super Bowl day with these free resources.

Figuring in Football

Are your kids ready to learn about geometry? With Figuring in Football, your family will have a chance to discover the shapes of the football field together. That is an especially useful halftime activity for kids not old enough to view the halftime commercials.

Bean Bag Football Toss

This toss is a fun-filled game that you can make and play as a family – plus you can use it over again. This toss helps your kids get familiar with the different yard lines on the football field, and it also encourages active movement and activity during commercial breaks.

Football Addition Activity

Is your child learning to add? The Football Addition Activity can help with that, and it’s all in the theme of the Super Bowl. Download and print out this activity to help your student soar.  

Football Pinata

Lock some of those candy snacks away with a football pinata, a fun activity for the whole family. (Make sure your guests swing at the pinata away from the TV and other breakables.) Your family can demolish this in anger (over their team losing) or unload some of that energy out of joy (if their team wins).

Basic Football Rules

Football rules can seem pretty complicated if you haven’t grown up with the sport, or if you’re a child learning for the first time. Livestrong describes basic football rules in a kid-friendly fashion to make sure you’re family’s fully prepared to understand what’s going on during the big day.


What are your favorite family activities for Super Bowl Sunday? Have you tried any of these? Let us know all about it in the comments!


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