Stroller Workouts to Keep You Strong

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Mom life can keep you busy. You may find it hard to make time for exercising. If you are hoping to get in shape but need a program that you can do with your kids, consider a stroller workout. You won’t need to worry about finding childcare for this exercise routine, and your little one will enjoy it, too.

Staying healthy is essential to being able to keep up with your kids and staying fit. Whether you’re a new mom trying to get back into shape after your baby, or a mom of toddlers trying to find time to get a workout in, taking care of yourself is vital.

Many times, parents find it challenging to make time to do anything for themselves, especially exercise. Finding a workout that fits into your schedule will help make it easy to stick to a routine. A stroller workout is an excellent way to include your little ones and make the best use of your time.

At Twin Cities Kids Club, we are here to help you find the best discounts and activities around, as well as information about parenting. We want our members to have valuable information at their fingertips that will help them navigate the ins and outs of parenting.

From suggestions for family movie night to healthy meal choices, we are here to help. Continue checking with us for everything kid and parent related, including these tips for how to get in a stroller workout.

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Take a Stroll

You might already enjoy taking your baby or little ones for a walk in the stroller. The fresh air, movement, and entertainment for your babe, all make walking fun. Why not take advantage of an activity you already do and incorporate a workout. While walking can be excellent exercise alone, you can modify your walk to get a more thorough workout.

There are lots of different stroller workouts, so you’ll be able to incorporate various movements and routines. The variety will not only help you target multiple areas of your body but will help keep things fun and different.

Cardio Time: Interval Walk

If you’re ready to get your heart rate up and incorporate some cardio training in your workout, interval walking is a great way. For five minutes, you can push yourself and then eventually build up to longer or more frequent intervals.

Start by walking as fast as you can for thirty seconds. Then, for thirty seconds, allow your pace to slow down a little and catch your breath. Continue with this pattern five times. You’ll notice your muscles working and should be breathing harder during your fast walking.

Lower Body Workout: Lunge Walking

Are you hoping to get your legs and bootie back in shape? Lunge walking with your stroller is an excellent way to work out your lower body. While pushing your stroller, perform a set of lunges. Use the stroller to brace yourself and instead of typical steps, lunge forward.

Ensure your front knee doesn’t extend past your toes and keep your back straight as you lunge. You’ll love this effective method for working out your quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

Series photo of happy sporty mother with baby pram workout and warming up bebore jogging in summer park.

Upper Body Workout: Arm and Chest Press

Find a slight incline, and use one arm at a time to push the stroller up and back down the slope from a stationary position. Do about twelve reps with each arm. Depending on how heavy your baby is, this exercise can increase in difficulty and provide a perfect workout.

Don’t Forget Your Core: Stroller Crunches

Most of us are looking for ways to strengthen our cores and work on our abs. For a fun workout that your little one will also enjoy, try stroller crunches.

Ensure your stroller’s brakes are on and use the footrest to place your feet. Bend your knees, and begin your crunches. Your baby will love this little game each time you sit up, and they see you.

Create the Perfect Workout for You

Combine any of these exercises with some power walking a five minute cool down to create a perfect workout. Mix it up, add some reps, go a longer distance, whatever you need to do to keep your stroller workout engaging.

A change of scenery will also help switch things up. Choose different routes throughout the week while you’re perfecting your workout routine. The possibilities are truly endless with your stroller workout.

Benefits of Exercising

There are many reasons to exercise. As a parent, staying fit and healthy will help you keep up with your kids and be around for a long time. You’ll have more energy to chase your toddler around, stay up all night with your infant, or run your big kid all around to their activities.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or stay healthy, a workout routine will help in many aspects of your life. Exercising enables you to sleep better, improves your mood and memory, and reduces health risks. One of the best things you can do as a parent is to take care of your health.

Making time for working out can be challenging. These fantastic stroller workout ideas can help you make time without having to find a sitter.

Your little ones will enjoy spending time with you and will take notice of your hard work and dedication. They will learn the importance of self-care and healthy habits and will grow into active kids as they get older. You’ll be setting an excellent example while losing weight and getting fit.

Series photo of happy sporty mother with baby pram workout and warming up bebore jogging in summer park.

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