Snow Day! Creative Ways to Have Indoor Fun

Snow Shovel In a Snow Bank

Snow can be beautiful and fun. Playing in the snow with kids is always an adventure, but eventually, you’ll have to come inside and thaw out. Winter can take its toll on everyone, especially kids who are stuck inside. But, you might be running out of good ideas for indoor fun for kids as the snow days add up.

Kids love playing with you, and snow days can be a great way to spend quality time with them learning and participating in new activities.

If you need some help planning your snow day activities, this fun list will help get the creative juices flowing and keep you and the kids having fun, even with the temperature dropping outside.



If you have yet to succumb to the slime making epidemic, maybe a snow day is the perfect time to start experimenting. There are many different types of slime. You will be able to choose from different colors, different scents, even different textures. The possibilities are endless!

Kids will love creating slime, and despite the sound of it, it isn’t as messy as you might think.

You can google all sorts of fun ways to make slime. With only a few household ingredients, you’ll be sure to provide indoor fun for kids while waiting out the snow. Whether super slime or original slime, you can find all sorts of creative ways to make and play with this textile concoction.

Card Games

Your kids might already be burnt out on all of the board games you have at home, and buying new ones can become expensive. If you are looking for an economical, yet entertaining, way to play games, a deck of cards can provide hours of entertainment.

You’ll love the variety that a deck of cards will provide. Games like Go Fish, War, Memory, Solitaire, Spite and Malice, and so many more, require just a deck or two of cards.

Your kids will love learning new games and the simplicity of a deck of cards. A simple google search can lead you to a list of games and their rules, or start here for some great ideas and instructions.



Whether 1,000 pieces or 20, jig-saw puzzles are a great way to have some indoor fun with the kids. Puzzles can be for any ages, depending on their difficulty level, and occupy a decent amount of time. Puzzles are also relaxing and use brain power.

If your kids are creative and love to draw, they can create their own puzzle by drawing a picture on cardboard and then tracing a puzzle pattern over the top with a pencil. Cut out the pieces and kids can put their artwork back together!

Hide and Seek

A traditional game of hide and seek is often underrated. Getting involved with the kids and playing right along will bring a smile to their faces, along with tons of laughs. Get creative and think outside the box for unique places to hide.

You can also put variations on the game to keep it fresh, like adding a time limit or playing in the dark. Kids of all ages love this game, and when the adults join in, the whole family will have a blast.

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Indoor Forts

Indoor Forts

Kids love building blanket forts inside. Let the kids unleash their creative side with furniture, blankets, and pillows. They can create a fun space to read, draw, play video games or tell stories. Having a sleepover in the fort could be the icing on the cake.

They’ll love getting to spend the night in the fort they built themselves.Your living room may look messy for the day, but the fun the kids will have will easily make up for it.

Scavenger Hunt

An exciting way to have indoor fun with kids is with a scavenger hunt! You can use as many clues as you’d like to have them searching throughout the house for the objects you’ve requested. Use riddles or simple clues depending on the age of the children involved, you can have all sorts of fun coming up with clever clues and hiding them around the house.


Charades is a longtime family favorite. You can play in teams depending on how many players you have, or individually. Choose a theme such as movies, songs, sports, or anything you think will be fun, and then come up with a list of items from your theme.

Players can draw a topic out of a hat and then act it out silently while everyone else tries to guess. Silliness is sure to be a part of this entertaining game, and kids will enjoy getting creative and perfecting their acting abilities.

Cook and Bake

Cook and Bake Together

Having choices when it comes to meals and being able to participate in preparing them is fun for kids. Even younger kids can help cook or bake with an adult’s assistance. Letting kids choose the menu for the day and then help you prepare it will be something they look forward to and enjoy.

Bake a batch of cookies or brownies, or create a snack or treat of your own. Kids love cracking eggs, pouring ingredients in and stirring. They’ll also enjoy getting to eat it once it’s ready.

Have fun and get creative in the kitchen. The kids will learn skills while they measure, prepare and even help clean up.

Freeze Dance

Create a fun playlist of your kids’ favorite songs. While the music plays, kids can dance and be crazy. But when the music stops, the kids must freeze in whatever pose you call out; an animal, a shape, whatever sounds fun. Kids will giggle and have a blast while dancing and getting their energy out!

Snow Days are Indoor Fun for Kid Days

You don’t have to listen to the kids lamenting about how bored they are during the long snow days anymore. Even though you might be wishing it were warmer and you were running around with the kids outside, these fun projects and games can keep everyone entertained even on the coldest of days.

Snow days can be fun days with some creativity and these great ideas!

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