Sittereco – A New App Created for Parents and Sitters by a Twin Cities Mom


Parents! Does finding a babysitter you can trust make you stressed? Do you wish you just had a directory of trusted sitters to call upon whenever needed? Do you wish you could reward them for being reliable and for taking great care of your kids?

Well, now there’s a new app that can do all of that!

We’re excited to share news of a local startup called Sittereco. Sittereco is a word-of-mouth mobile app network of recommended parents and sitters. Think LinkedIn for babysitting! And it just went live in the App and Google Play stores last week!


What does Sittereco mean? It’s “Sitter” and “Recommend” all in one…read on:

With Sittereco, you can:

  • DISCOVER nearby families
  • INVITE (and RECOmmend) sitter and parent friends through the Connections tab
  • CONNECT and RECOmmend those parent and friends you value most with a RECOmmendation on their Profile, and
  • SEND/RECEIVE sitting requests from there!

Note – You only see the RECOmmendations of those you are connected with, so Download, Invite, and RECOmmend to build your own trust network of parents and sitters!

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Sittereco was created by a local Twin Cities mom, Mana Sanghvi, who, after talking with many moms and babysitters, found a common ground between them – a trusted way to find the other. Parents don’t know where to look for sitters, and sitters want to be trusted and find opportunities to earn income. The solution? A community of support and empowerment. Manasmall

Want to join the community?

Sittereco just went live, and it’s free for a limited time! You’re needed to build the community – the more we spread the word, the more valuable this network of support and empowerment will be!

Try it out!




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