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**Updated: November 2018**

We’ve all been there, eating out at family restaurants in Minneapolis with our kids. Everything is going well until it’s not.

Your child is having a moment. They wanted the mac and cheese, but when the food arrives, they suddenly wish to eat chicken tenders.

Now they on the verge of a meltdown. Their voice is getting louder, while yours is getting lower. You cannot calm them down.

You feel like everyone in the crystal and cloth napkin style restaurant is glaring at you, wishing you would get a grip on your offspring. You think that this is the last time you ever want to take them out in public again.

Here’s the thing: you cannot control your kid all the time.

However, you can manage where you take them out to eat. As a parent, teaching your child how to act in public is paramount.

Additionally, so is teaching them proper table manners.

Nevertheless, you cannot practice adequate restaurant etiquette at home now, can you?

So here is a list of kid-friendly restaurants in Minneapolis that will be both pleasing to the palate and provide an all-inclusive atmosphere that you and your family can practice restaurant and table manners.

Family Friendly Restaurants Near Me List

Pasta and Juice


3800 Nicolette Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

This restaurant’s decor is perfect for family dining.

One of the dining features at Blackbird is hands down a mom favorite for dining with kids: high backed booths. That means, your little ones will be less likely to be standing up and peering at other diners sitting behind you.

photo from Blackbird website


Blackbird’s menu is founded on classic Midwestern cuisine with farm to table style. The brunch menu has a little bit of everything, from the most discerning palate to the adventurous eater.

From “Plain Ol’ Pancakes” to Bahn Mi, you can expect to find something for everyone.

Their happy hour runs Monday through Saturday from 2 pm – 5 pm. The happy hour menu is moderately priced and perfectly paired with a selection of grown-up beverages. That means having an early dinner on a Friday to help kick off your weekend is entirely feasible.

Victor’s 1959 Cafe

3756 Grand Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

This award-winning restaurant is perfect for young diners.

Sure, it is a quaint little spot. Although the indoor seating is minimal, it’s matched with sizeable outdoor dining spaces.

What makes this a good restaurant for family dining, besides the high back booths?

The decor.

The walls, booths, and tables are adorned with all sorts of graffiti from previous patrons. So forget the crayons and coloring books. Let your kiddo leave their mark on Victor’s.


Victor’s Cuban inspired menu is an excellent way of introducing new foods to your kids.

Not to mention, Victor’s has a wide variety of meals that can accommodate vegetarian and gluten-free patrons. All of which are clearly identified.

Keep in mind that dinners are served Tuesday to Saturday from 4:30 pm to 9 pm, but breakfast is served daily from 8 am to 2:30 pm.

Make sure to leave room for dessert and some of Victor’s private blend of coffee.


2726 West 43rd St
Minneapolis, MN

In Linden Hills, Tilia is where cool people hang out.

Tilia Logo

Well, it at least appears that way when you’re there. It’s just a cool hip spot to be. The clean retro design of the dining room is perfection.

You wouldn’t think that this is a family-friendly spot when you first get there. But when they give your young offspring a small box of trinkets and a children’s menu folden up like an origami fortune teller style, you get it.

The menu is a unique way for children ordering and is so much fun. Playing with the fortune teller origami alone will occupy them enough that they just might have time to play with their trinkets before the food arrives.

And when your food does arrive, it arrives in style. The plates are epicurean art. It’s almost a shame to have to eat off them. But you will, undoubtedly. And it will be gastronomically epic.

Whether you order endive salad and a turkey burger or Hanger steak, it will be equally pleasing to your eyes as it is your taste buds.

This last restaurant is all about nostalgia.

Mickey’s Diner

36 W. 7th St.
St. Paul, MN

Diner Exterior
photo from Mickey’s Diner website

If you have been in the Twin Cities long enough, then you know Mickey’s Diner is an institution.

Mickey’s Diner was created when the diner’s namesake, Mickey Crimmons, and Bert Mattson traveled to Chicago to attend the National Restaurant Convention. They came home having already purchased a prefabricated diner made to resemble a railroad dining car.

The Art-Deco design is timeless.

Mickey’s Diner has been operating 24/7 for nearly 40 years. You can waltz into Mickey’s anytime and order an old-fashioned milkshake made the way it was in decades past.

What makes this a great place to eat with your family isn’t as much about the food as it is about the scenery.

You can count on Mickey’s serving up classic diner food as they always have. Dependability is Mickey’s foundation.

However, the visual aspect is the real gem.

Not only has Mickey’s stood the test of time and landed itself on the National Registry of Historic Places, but the diner has also made an appearance on both big and little screens.

Mickey’s has made cameos in shows like Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels to The Mighty Ducks trilogy.

Family Dining in Twin Cities


You can go for a restaurant that folds its children’s menus in origami, or maybe a classic standby like Mickey’s for burgers and milkshakes.

Perhaps you want to try to spice it up a bit at Victor’s.

You will likely have a nice relaxing family dinner that will make the not so relaxing dining moments a memory in the far off distance.

Check out one or all of these best family restaurants in Minneapolis this week. You may be pleasantly surprised at the experience you and your family have.



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