Set Your Kids Up For Success With Coding

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Have you heard of kids coding languages? This up and coming area is promising for kids of all ages. Every parent wants their child to achieve success and deep personal satisfaction as they start their journey into adulthood.

Much has changed since we were kids, and we can send them off on that journey with many more tools at their disposal. There has been exponential growth in technology. When we were young, we played doctor, cops, and robbers, or just played outside until the street lights came on as the signal to get our behinds home.

Many of the little games we played wound up being some of the career fields that we ended up in as adults; this is something that has not changed. The games kids play now can cross over into the career paths they will choose later in life as well.

With the technological advances over the years, the games children play are also more advanced. In the late 1970s to 1980s video game consoles were introduced, with early consoles such as Intellivision and Atari. Nintendo and Playstation were later released and are a gaming console staple to this day.

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With the availability and affordability of broadband internet, PC gaming also rose in popularity. Given all the time, kids are now spending on their computers playing games such as Minecraft and Fortnight, without even trying, they are already gaining experience with different computer applications.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think if a child enjoys PC games, that they would find the prospect of kids coding languages very exciting. Knowing that they could build a website, app, or game could empower them and do wonders for their self-esteem.

It has been suggested that coding is a skill that can be beneficial to children on many different levels. Coding is also a skill that can be introduced at a very early age. Coding can be looked at as teaching your child a different language.


What is Coding

Coding is the application of language, specifically computer language. Coding can be used to build websites, develop apps, create software, and many other applications. Without coding, much of what is available on our PC’s, laptops, and smartphones today would not exist. Code is similar to a list of commands, they go in specific orders, but computers primarily only the commands of on and off.

How Coding Can Assist With Development

  • Coding promotes logical thinking and teaches a child how to take a big problem and break it down into smaller pieces to make it easier to solve
  • Coding sparks creativity by allowing children to create apps, games, websites that contain whatever they may dream up
  • Coding requires persistence which is hard to teach children. With coding, they must keep coming up with different solutions to problems until they find the one that works best
  • Coding engages children’s problem-solving skills and allows them to feel satisfied after seeing a project that they have worked so hard on in action
  • Coding also teaches children that to build something substantial, they must first start with smaller pieces or, commands, then put them all together. I process called structural thinking.

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How Learning Kids Coding Languages Early Will Affect Future Success

Allowing your children the opportunity to learn how to code at an early age will set them apart from the rest. Learning all the skills listed above at an early age will help them in all areas of their education. The advanced problem-solving skills have a place in every subject, and once they get a taste of what it feels like to succeed, they will strive for excellence.

To put his in perspective, according to, in 2017, Minnesota had 10,434 open computing jobs and only 1,236 computer science graduates. also mentioned that in 2016, Universities in Minnesota did not have a single teacher graduate prepared to teach computer science.

This illustrates that computer science related jobs are in excess, and graduates ready to fill those jobs are what is in demand. Computer Science majors have been shown to earn as much as 40% more than the college average compared to other majors. The field of computing is currently the number one source of new jobs in the United States with 500,000 current openings.

Currently, many school districts across the nation do not dedicate any state funding for computer science specific courses or curriculum. With all these jobs left vacant, and an abundance of youth interested in the computer sciences, it should only be a matter of time until every state in the nation will adopt K-12 curriculum standards.

Teaching kids to code in preschool or kindergarten may sound a bit intimidating, considering it is akin to learning a new language. Realistically it is not, they do not have to start with confusing lines of syntax. Starting the children young is more about training their brains to think.

A boy programs a code in computer, STEM

Steve Jobs once said,” Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches you to think.” Learning to think falls in line with all the things listed above as to why coding assists with child development. Coding will teach children how to think logically. There are programs specifically created to teach younger children to code, such as Scratch.

The makers of Scratch put much effort into making the program child-friendly. By replacing what would be complicated coding syntax with simple coding building blocks, the makers of Scratch have taken great care not to overwhelm young children. Scratch teaches children to think in a different way using a step-by-step process and logical flow to solve problems. Children using Scratch learn to code through playing and building games.

There are many benefits to get your child into learning to code at an early age. Some of the benefits will affect them currently, in the near future in all areas of their education, and their social development. Other benefits will reveal themselves much later on once they have gone off to college and when once they enter the job market.

Why not take the opportunities now and set your children up for success once they are ready to set off in their careers? We all know technology will only expand over time, and it is crucial that our children’s knowledge expands with it.


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