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While summer has been a blast, believe it or not, it’s time to start thinking about back to school outfits for the kids. Thinking about getting ready for a new school year might make you a little sad, but your shopping trip can be a fun time. 

Keeping your kids dressed their best during the school year can be a challenge. Between growing out of clothes, wear and tear, and the occasional misplaced item, it’s challenging to keep up with your kids’ clothing needs. 

With the right plan, you can tackle back-to-school shopping with ease, and make sure your kids are ready. 

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When it comes to back to school shopping, Twin Cities Kids Club has some excellent suggestions on making the process a breeze. Take a look at these helpful hints and grab the perfect back to school outfits for your little ones. 

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Proper Planning

The first step in ensuring your back to school shopping adventure is a success is to have a thorough plan. Heading into this type of a shopping experience without a solid plan will set you up for failure. 

You’ll likely forget items, end up with cranky kids, and dampen potentially fun time. Take a few moments before you hit the stores to develop a realistic plan for you and your kids. 

Make a List

Creating a list will help you remember what you need, and will also help you decide which stores to visit. Decide whether you’re buying a wardrobe for the entire school year with outfits for each season, or if you’ll be focusing on the first half of the year. 

Your list should include enough socks and underwear to get you through the week. Further, list out necessary outerwear and or individual items your child needs. 

Try quantifying each item for which you are shopping. That way, you know ahead of time how many pairs of pants to buy, or how many shirts will be sufficient. 

Shoes should also be on your list. Be sure to find out if your school requires certain types of shoes for P. E. class. Consider buying more than one pair if you can, in case you have a rushed morning your child’s shoes turn up missing. 

Child with mother in a children's store.

Map Out Your Route

Start by determining which stores you want to tackle. Have a plan regarding which store you’ll visit first. If you have specific stores in mind to visit, it will be easier to stay on track instead of wandering aimlessly through the mall. 

Determine which route works best, either based on travel time or the specific items you need from each store. Plan your day to the best of your ability and give yourself some wiggle room in case you need to make a change. Don’t forget snacks and a plan for lunch if you’re bringing the kids along.

Time to Wheel and Deal

Now that you know which stores you prefer to hit while you’re out and about, look for discounts and deals specific to those locations. Check your local paper for the back to school ads and see what sales are available. Look online for coupons and discounts that you can take advantage of while shopping. 

Evaluating these deals will also help you narrow down what items you’ll be looking for at which store. If you need a new coat and they’re on sale at a particular store, you’ll want to add that location to your route. 

Family Looking At Clothes On Rail In Shopping Mall

Consider the Divide and Conquer Method

Do you have multiple kids you will be shopping for this summer? Consider splitting up your shopping time and take one kid at a time. While this may create an additional day or two of shopping, it will potentially save you from a headache. 

Shopping for back to school outfits one on one with your kids is an excellent choice for several reasons. These separate trips give you some quality time with each of your children individually. 

Use it as a time to bond and spend some alone time with your child. They’ll love the special attention just as much as you will. 

In addition to spending time with one child at a time, you’ll avoid the bickering and shenanigans that come with more than one child. Your shopping experience will be a lot less stressful, focusing on just one child’s needs at a time. 

Adventuring through back to school shopping with only one child at a time will allow you to break up your shopping time. Two or three shorter days versus one long day will be easier on your kids, and probably you as well. 

Don’t Stress

Whether you absolutely dread back to school shopping or look forward to it every year, leave the stress behind. Relax, breathe, and focus on having a fun experience. 

Back to school clothes shopping doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With proper planning, a strong list, and a pocketful of discounts and coupons, the task of school clothes shopping will be a breeze. 

Focus on spending quality time with your kids, stick to your plan, and leave room for plenty of laughs. If you prepare for this annual event, you’ll have the best chance of enjoying yourself, and the kids will, too.

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