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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a birds-eye view of the world? I know I have found myself looking at birds and thinking how cool it would be to see the world how they do. To be able to fly not just high above like a plane, but to be able to weave in and out of buildings, bridges, and trees seem like an impossible dream. Well my friends, dream no more, FlyOver America is here.

FlyOver America is one of the newest & most unique attractions at the Mall of America. The ride is a flight simulator that lifts guests in chairlift-style seats in front of a large spherical screen. Then you feel like you are flying over many landscapes of America, including cities like Chicago, the mountains of Colorado and the shores of Hawaii. Some have said you might even feel like you’re hang gliding over the landscapes, which makes it even more fun.

What’s it’s like to experience FlyOver America?
FlyOver America can fit up to 62 people, which seems like the perfect amount to where it’s not too much or too little. For the waiting in line, this helped keep things moving fast. Once you’re in the ride, you take a picture of you and your group that they will give you after the ride is over. This picture makes it look like you’re hang gliding over one of the cities! I was glad they did this because it’s such a unique ride that you want to take a picture, but for safety reasons, keeping your belongings under your seat is required.

Once the ride starts (when you get all strapped in and secure) you realize it’s not simply just a visual experience, but an experience that employs all the senses. Wind changes, temperature changes, and even smell changes are all a part of the experience. I was so glad we were reviewing FlyOver America because it was truly an experience I loved.

Read our full review by clicking HERE!

What’s the Discount?
Tickets are $16.95 for adults (13+) and $12.95 for kids (40″ to 12 years), but you can save 15% with our exclusive online discount. Which is pretty awesome.

Just use code TCkids via their website.

More details:

I wouldn’t wait to take advantage of this discount; FlyOver America is a unique experience for young and old- something the entire family will love. Don’t forget to Join the Club to get more exclusive deals and discounts.



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