Plan Ahead for Summer Camps: Music Camps

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Music summer camps are engaging, exciting, and provide personal growth opportunities for children. Thankfully, summer is just around the icy corner, so let’s get to planning!

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Why Send Your Kids to Camp

There are many fantastic reasons to zip your kid off to a summer music camp. And it can be intimidating and frightening too, for both parents and kids. We’re here to help! 

Because at the end of the sun-filled day, your child will take significant steps with life skills, deepen their musical understanding and talent, put down their social media devices and make new friends who share the same interests.

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Where Do I Start?

Twin Cities Kids Club is here to help! We suggest starting with knowing your preference on whether you’re looking for a day-camp or something longer, whether a summer music camp works with your busy schedule and the distance from home you’re willing to travel.

The renowned MacPhail Center for music has five metro locations; the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies have facilities in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and there are out-of-town options, too.

For some tips on teaching music to your kiddos, check out our advice here.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Okay, let’s get serious about fun, which is what your child will be having while at summer music camp. Music is a great way to engage with others while having fun. Building confidence is also enjoyable. As adults, we may not look at it that way, but those fulfilling sensations ARE fun for a child!

Offering your child the opportunity to learn a musical skill is magical and something unique that your child will carry with them for life. If your child pursues a career in music from this experience, great! But it shouldn’t be the sole motivation for attending.

Many adults who are the product of classical music or vocal lessons will continue to weave music throughout their life. Your kids will be able to sing around a campfire as effortlessly as on a big stage. Their music training and music camps will give them the confidence to do these things, and more.

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Kids Need a Break Too

Studies show that, on average, kids and teens age 8 to 18 spend an average of more than seven hours a day looking at screens on various social media devices. This behavior results in sedentary behavior, lack of physical and healthy mental activity, unhealthy eating habits, and more.

Kids can fall behind in social areas like making friends and knowing who isn’t a friend too. Immersing your child in positive surroundings will help them relax, focus, and enjoy their summer music camp experience. 

It will be music to your ears to hear of their summer music camp adventure, their triumphs, foibles, new friends, favorite teacher, and excited hopes for next year’s summer music camp experience.

The News on Screen Time

Indeed, not all screen time is wrong, but deepening face-to-face social skills is something that happens automatically at summer music camp. Kids thrive in a setting of active learning, structure, commonality with other kids and adults who are willing to help them musically and personally.

And although music camp is fun, it also offers a specialized, structured learning environment mixed with play to hone a variety of musical and other life skills.

Once immersed in this musical climate, kids won’t miss playing a game on their phone or chatting with a friend since their attention will be more focused elsewhere.

These skills are challenging to achieve in other educational situations. A summer camp offers a specialized musical scene, unlike any other.

How Camp Is Different From School

Many of the same activities occur at both school and summer music camp: Learning, playtime, social interaction, physical activity, and hands-on experience. The most significant difference we see is that a music camp is an additional and unique area for growth and success.

Your child won’t have to worry about their dislike of biology or book reports as their focus will be entirely on music, which can include common educational grounds like history. 

A summer music camp also reduces screen time, as mentioned earlier, and fills that space with active and fun learning of a new or existing interest.

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Music Is Therapy

If your child suffers from anxiety, depression, bullying, or is on the ADD spectrum, a music camp can be a haven for them. Musical expression is therapy in its own right as it uses the mind, body, and senses. Be sure to make your camp advisor aware of any special needs your child might have so they can help you formulate the best summer music camp experience for them.

Kids are under a lot of pressure to be a certain way, look a certain way, behave a certain way, etc. Music offers a great space to be uniquely themselves while surrounded by others with the same interests. Just look at Billie Eilish with her hands full of various awards! She did it her way with grand success.

But again, awards and careers aren’t the main reason to send your child to camp. A musical skill can be quite healing and offer a needed outlet for expression.

Is My Child Too Young

Some music schools offer classes for parents and their infants! So there isn’t a “too young” category. And if this article on the likes of Mozart and Beethoven is any indication, musical interest often starts quite young.

Some children are born with a natural musical gift; others aren’t. Summer music camp isn’t for one type of child or one kind of skill set. It’s for everyone.

Kindergarten teacher with children on music lesson in day care. Little kids toddlers play together with developmental toys.

Let’s Go!

Your task is to find the right fit for your child, your schedule, and your child’s interest. Perhaps they already play the piano but have been excited to pick up the guitar, too. 

Maybe they want to learn how to write or record music. Whatever your child’s dreams are, a summer music camp is a superb way for them to take a deeper dive into their uniqueness.

A few of your options around the Twin Cities are:

Four preschoolers having fun in kindergarten playing the instruments

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