Join Twin Cities Kids Club for an Evening of Family Ornament Painting at Color Me Mine in Eagan – December 6th!


Join the Twin Cities Kids Club for an evening of ornament painting with the family, along with some great snacks and cookie decorating at Color Me Mine in Eagan!

Handmade gifts have a long and proud history at the holidays. Whether you give them as gifts or keep them as keepsakes, an item made by a child becomes a priceless moment frozen in time. What isn’t priceless is all the supplies and materials needed to create those memories, and what isn’t frozen is the relative cleanliness of your home prior to kids using those expensive art supplies. Enter: Color Me Mine!

Color Me Mine takes the mess and stress out of painting ceramics with your whole family, no matter how young (or old)! They provide the space, a wide selection of unique ceramic items, all the supplies, and the clean-up (Talk about a mom’s dream set-up!). Color Me Mine could not have made creating unique painted ceramic pieces any more accessible, especially for those with kids! What they DID do is make it even more festive just in time for the winter holidays!

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An Evening of Ornament Painting with the Family will have all the best parts of a regular visit to Color Me Mine with some of the best parts of the holidays too: An ornament for each member of the family, cookies, treats, holidays music and decorations, and of course, lots of cheer and merriment!

As a Twin City Kid’s Club member, you also get a BONUS ornament to paint! How about a family ornament that has a little bit of everyone in it? It can be challenging to incorporate all members of the family into one decoration (which are by nature somewhat small items, even at their biggest). One fun painting idea to get all the loved ones on one orb is to make designs out of fingerprints! Here are some fingerprint painting ideas to get you excited about this fun and festive evening out as a family:

Painting Ideas Using Family Fingerprints

For all designs: Use your fingers dipped in paint for the main part of the design, then use the handy fine-/needle-tip paint bottles to add details! Don’t forget to add the year to make it a true holiday keepsake!

  1. Snowmen – Three white fingerprints stacked up. Add face, arms, and scarf.
  2. Snowflakes – One white fingerprint. Add long snowflake designs off edges.
  3. Lightbulbs – Many multi-colored, in a line or scattered. Add end of bulb and cord stringing them together.
  4. Dogs in Scarves – Thumbprint as the face, pinky fingers as the ears. Add eyes, tongue, and scarf.

The possibilities are endless! So, save the day and keep thinking of painting ideas!

Date and time:

Sunday, December 6th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Cost is $30.00 plus tax for a family of 4 ($32.15 total per group). Includes 4 ornaments, treats, and cookies. Extra ornaments are available for a purchase of the event.

Twin Cities Kids Club members will receive a bonus FREE ornament at the event (1 per family)!

Register for the workshop here! Hurry, limited space available!