Hit The Hay: A Bunk Bed Review

Two sisters having fun in twin bunk bed

Bunk beds for kids have many different ways of being beneficial for families. Whether you’re looking into bunk beds as a way to save space or a fun way to change your family’s decor, to find out the benefits, safety concerns, as well as some tips about owning a bunk bed; keep reading!

Benefits of Bunk Beds

One of the significant benefits of bunk beds is the fact that there are so many options to fit your needs. Wither you have one kid, two (or even three!) there are plenty of opportunities for every type of your family needs.

Typically, bunk beds have a vertical design, and that allows you to maximize the space in your kid’s bedrooms. Gaining much needed real estate in your area is an enormous benefit of investing in a bunk bed. Using up as little space as possible can indeed be beneficial if you’re dealing with a small space.

Not only do these beds save you a lot of room while decorating, but it is also extremely aesthetically pleasing. The use of the extra space in your child’s room is a view that would make any parent happy!

All of these are great reasons to invest in a bunk bed, but the most important reason is the fact that your kid will love it! It is so much fun to have a sleeping mate, or using the extra space to play.

Two happy siblings having fun in bunk bed under blanket

Types of Bunk Beds

The benefits of bunk beds are enormous! Bunk beds for kids come in many different designs and styles. Depending on your needs, you will be able to get a better understanding of your options to make a better decision for your family.

There are double bunk beds, where you can fit two children, one on top one on the bottom. The benefit of this bunk bed style is that you can fit two children in the space where a standard bed will only fit one. This style of bunk bed is perfect for a family that has two children close in age or twins that are sharing a room.

To dig a little deeper into double bunk beds, there is also the option of twin over full bunk beds. In this bunk bed, the top bunk will be a smaller mattress than the bottom, hints the name, twin over full. On top, you would have a twin size bed and on the bottom a full. The twin over full bunk works well for families with an older child and a younger child, and it gives the older child a little more room on the bottom.

One of the most useful types of bunk beds would be a study bunk bed. This type of bed is more practical for a single child that is school age. In this setup there is a bed on top, typically a twin sized bed, then under the bed is a desk. This style saves a lot of space in the room because it is combining two of the essential items in a kid’s room, the desk, and the bed.

One of the specialty types of bunk bed would be a novelty bunk bed. Novelty bunk beds are custom made kind of bunk bed where maybe there is a slide or a play area built in with the bunk bed. This types of bunk bed are perfect for younger children that might not have enough room for a play area outside their room.

childrens bunk bed with light coming in from window

Safety Concerns

Everything you’ve read so far has been the benefits as well as the great features of these bunk beds for kids, but we don’t want to forget to talk about the safety risks as well. One stipulation with bunk beds is that someone is sleeping on top.

When someone is sleeping on the top bunk, there will always be the risk of them falling over the edge. While installing your bunk bed, ensure that it is fully put together, including the guard rail. The guard rail is a safety feature of bunk beds that ensure that your child has a barrier between your child and the floor.

Most bunk beds will recommend that children under five don’t sleep on the top bunk. Keeping these young children off the top bunk is to ensure that they are as safe as possible not only while sleeping but also while climbing into bed.

Another common safety concern is how your child will get to the top bunk. Most injuries come from children climbing on and off the top bunk. It is essential that you talk with your child and teach them the correct way of using the stairs and not the bed itself.

Tips to Owning a Bunk Bed

Many little things that can help you while owning a bunk bed; here are a few:

  • Ensure that the mattress is the correct amount of thickness, having too thick of a cushion can make a guard rail useless.
  • Make sure your children know that the bunk bed is not for playing on, in case of getting hurt.
  • Keeping bunk beds away from fans can help make sure there aren’t any injuries involving the fan
  • If any of the parts of the bunk bed has broken pieces, it is crucial to make sure you replace it before allowing your child to sleep in it.
  • Making sure that there aren’t any dangerous items are removed from around the bed will help make sure injuries are limited when getting down from the top bunk.
  • Keeping your child’s bunk bed pushed up entirely against the wall will ensure that your child can’t get trapped and that the installation is sturdy.

child on top bunk with leg hanging over


Bunk beds for kids are beneficial and help families all over the world save space and make their space more efficient. Most injuries happen to children on bunk beds while they’re playing around; that is why it is essential to remember to talk to your child about the safety and dangers of sleeping in a bunk bed.

This article gave you a rundown of different options of bunk beds, tips on how to keep your child safe, and well as telling you all of the benefits. With all this information, you should be fully informed and able to pick out the best bunk bed for your child!


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