Have A More Productive Academic Year: Passion Planner Review For Families

color coded passion planner

I recently made the leap to go back to college. There is no time better than the present right?

Now it is time to figure out how to manage everything in not only my family and work life but adding my study life into the mix. My search for solutions brought me to the Passion Planner and bullet journal ideas.

From Chaos to Order

no more chaos passion planner

If you are anything like me, it can be a major struggle to feel organized in the daily chaos of having a family. Whether it is getting the kids to school on time, an extracurricular activity, or an important work meeting it is a struggle to keep everything straight.

There has to be a better way to keep everything straight. A way to get the jumble out of our minds and know where to be and when.

Not only that but if I want to achieve a goal, I need to be able to keep myself accountable. While I’m always trying to manage the family, I tend to neglect myself.

To manage my goals, I need to write things down (I’m old school like that). I love my phone and having the calendar, but there is just something special about putting pen to paper.

Recently I found a planner that fits my crazy lifestyle perfectly. On top of that, I discovered the amazing art of bullet journaling.

The Passion Planner

passion planner

I have forever been the person who wants to have a planner, only to buy one and set it in the corner a few weeks later and it is forgotten. I decided at the beginning of the year to find a planner that I can love that will break that trend.

Finding the Passion Planner has truly been a Godsend. It has everything I need and has features that keep me from just setting it down and letting it collect dust.

Features I Love About This Planner Are:

Passion Roadmap

Passion planner road map

It’s not just a schedule, it’s a goal planner. The passion roadmap is a section that helps break down your goals into not only long term and short term goals, but it gives you great instruction to break everything down.

Dated or Undated Versions

You can buy this planner either dated or undated. It’s all about what fits your preference. I like the dated version because it keeps me accountable (I can’t just forget about it then pick it up and write new dates on the next page months later).

Monthly Reflection

Monthly Reflection Veiw

After each month, there are a few pages for monthly reflections. I’m not talking about just your typical notes pages, but pages with sections and questions that actually make you reflect.

Sidebar Please

Week Layout

There are so many fun sections in the margins. Things such as to-do lists, weekly or monthly focus, and even not to do lists.

Fun Quotes

Throughout the planner, there are lots of fun quotes to help you stay focused and keep your goals in mind.

Now of course, with those being some of my favorite features, there are always some mediocre features as well.

So here are the features I struggle to use and are not my favorite features.

Section Sizes

Month Layout

I like the smaller size of the planner, but I don’t love the fact that I have large handwriting and I feel like I always run out of space.

It’s Kind of Heavy

While this is a smaller planner that you can fit in your purse, the cover and thicker paper do add a bit of weight to your handbag.

It’s evident to me that the positive outweighs the negative when it comes to this planner. It is by far my favorite planner that I have ever found (I’ve been using it for a few months, and not just laid it aside).

Bullet Journaling

Now that I have found a planner that is keeping me on track I have jumped into the universe of bullet journaling.

OMG, I love this stuff. I am a doodler and a visual thinker, so this is right up my alley. It makes getting organized fun.

My favorite part so far has been creating a habit tracker. Under my to-do list and my not-to-do list, I draw little boxes that I can check off each day as I do it (or don’t do it). As an example, I hate making my bed in the hustle and bustle that is the mornings of my household, so I get great satisfaction when I check that box knowing I am making that a habit.

Customize With Color & Washi Tape

passion planner

Colored pens and washi tape are great for adding pizzaz to the planner. What is washi tape? It’s a fun craft tape that I have come to love to use for almost everything. It comes in so many colors and patterns that you can use it for everything. I like using it to make tabs on my important pages rather than buying the boring labels.

Doodle around important dates when you have appointments or vacations. An easy way to do this is color coding. I like to have curvy red lines around days that I have appointments, blue around days with kid’s activities, yellow on days that I have classes, and red around leisure events or vacations.

On the blank pages provided it’s fun to draw out charts or columns for the things you may not have space for. Maybe you have a fitness or health goals that don’t fit on your regular pages, go to the notes pages and create your own bullet list or goal chart.

Final Thoughts

passion planner

Overall the Passion Planner is an excellent fit for the hectic lifestyle that having a family brings and the pros greatly out weight the cons.

I wish I would have discovered this planner and bullet journaling years ago. After using it for a few months, I don’t know how I ever managed before. I don’t go anywhere without it anymore.

I highly recommend this planner because it is a great place to clear your mind and get everything organized in one place. Lost appointment cards or reminder letters will become a thing of the past once you start using this planner. There are links so that you can get your Passion Planner here.

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