Some of the Funniest Parenting Moments


Children growing up and discovering the wonderful world around them is pretty much going to guarantee some hilarious moments for a parent. Kids are notorious for doing and saying things, so much that there are times when you just have to sit back and laugh. Sometimes funny parenting moments just happen naturally, and other times they are created when a parent has a great sense of humor, usually at their kid’s expense.

I don’t think there was a stage in my children’s lives that something downright hilarious didn’t happen, either to them or me because of them. Parenting is anything but boring and uneventful. Here are some top-notch, funny parenting moments for your laughing pleasure.

6 Hilarious Parenting Moments

  1. That time my child fell asleep in a tiny toy chest. Yes, this really happened. What did I do? I sure didn’t dare move him to a comfy bed with a warm blanket. Although it looked extremely uncomfortable for the barely one-year-old, I left him. Why would I take a chance waking him up? He needs his sleep, right?! I also needed some sanity, even if it was short-lived.
  2. That time I spent an hour watching cartoons just to realize my kids were nowhere to be found. We’ve all done this at some point, right? Not just me? Oh good! I can’t tell you how many times I have been the only one in the room glued to the T.V. while Daniel Tiger is playing without a child in sight. I think I know those songs better than they do.  
  3. That time I thought I broke my son’s arm and blamed it on his brother. Don’t let this statement alarm you. Haven’t you ever played with your kids, maybe a little too rough? We were all having fun, but I accidentally pulled him up by his arms only, and he started screaming bloody murder. I seriously thought, “Oh my goodness, did I just break his arm? What am I going to tell the doctor?” So I preceded with a story of the boys ruff-housing on the couch, and his brother must have been a little too rough with him. Yikes!
  4. That time I told my son that he would die if he didn’t eat his green beans. Sometimes you just have to scare them into eating their vegetables, right? The problem with that parenting fail is now everything starts with this question, “Will I die if (insert whatever ridiculous thing you can think of)?”  
  5. That time I tried to teach my kid how to self-soothe and let him “cry it out” in his crib. We all read up on the best parenting practices and try them out hoping to find the tools that will make us look like parenting superstars. Well, one time I let my son cry himself to sleep during his naptime. I told myself after fifteen minutes, if he is still crying, I will get him. I kept thinking, “Why won’t my child just fall asleep on his own? Why is he still crying?” Guess what I find? He had climbed up to get out of his crib and fell out, face first into the diaper pail. Sadly, I left the lid off, so he was head-first in a pile of dirty diapers with his feet kicking rapidly in the air. I know, sad story, but when we look back, it is something we laugh about now.
  6. That time I stuck my hand in a toilet full of poop to retrieve a toy. This incident will probably always be my favorite parenting moment. My son had to go poop and brought some small action figure that he was playing with into the bathroom. Of course, he de-robes and climbs on the toilet to do his job, then picks that toy back up to play. All I hear is, “Mom! Help!”. I see the toy and the poop, and without even taking the time to put on gloves (because no mom has time for that), I stick my fingers in and retrieve the toy. Yuck!  

Parents Need Humor…To Survive!

Yes, it’s true. As I mentioned above, and I’m sure every parent reading this is laughing with me right now because you have experienced it, raising children almost inevitably comes with a funny moment or two…or in my case, hundreds.

If we don’t take these moments and laugh at them, or create moments to laugh at, parents may very well forget how to laugh altogether. Parenting is a stressful job, one that lasts 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year for 18 years. You. Must. Laugh. To. Survive.


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