Where can I use my membership?
At any participating Twin Cities Kids Club business or event, from Hard Rock Cafe to Splatball and more! Check out our Discount Directory page for details.
How many memberships do I need?
Just one! Whether you’re a family of two or twelve, one Twin Cities Kids Club card has everyone covered.
How long does my membership last?
You no longer need to renew your membership. They are now able to be used FOREVER.

Using Your Card

What if I lose my card?
Send us an email at [email protected]/.
What if I have a problem using my card?
We have set up the deals on our site directly with the listed businesses. If one of our offers is not honored properly upon presentation of your membership card (if applicable), please let us know about this right away by emailing us at [email protected]
What if Grandma or a babysitter want to take the kids out?
No problem. Give Grandma the card and let the kids have a blast!
Can I use a deal multiple times?
Absolutely. Unlike other discount programs, our card is unlimited use. That means you can visit the same business as many times as you want. However, some businesses may limit the amount of times you can use the card per visit.

Advertise With Us

How do I advertise with Twin Cities Kids Club?
We work closely with all our advertisers to grow business and help our families at the same time. Please email [email protected] with your name, business name, and a phone number and we will reach out to you promptly or you can submit your information via our advertiser form.