Disney’s CARS 3 FREE Printable Coloring & Activity Sheets

disney 3 free coloring

So you have a Disney kid that loves the Cars movies? Most of us boy mom’s can relate(girl mom’s too). So without further ado, here are some Cars printable coloring and activity sheets.

Disney’s Cars 3 is in theatres now! We highly recommend seeing it! It’s for both boys and girls, trust us, and it’s rated G so bring the whole family!

Here are some fun new printable coloring and activity sheets! Just click on each image to open in a new window and print.

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Lightning McQueen Coloring Sheet

Your little man will go wild to color the Lightning McQueen of his design.

Maybe he imagines that Lightning will look better blue, awesome sauce.


Cruz Ramirez Coloring Sheet

How about all the girls who love Cars and want to be just like Cruz?

Here’s a coloring page that will allow them to become a part of the race as Cruz.

Jackson Storm Coloring Sheet

Jackson Storm.

The car that is faster than Lightning McQueen.

Maybe the kids imagine him as the bad guy. Maybe not, but either way, they can color him however they want.


For the kiddos that don’t like to color, we are also including some fun activities that will peak their imagination and utilize basic math and reading skills.

Crazy Eight Card Game

If your child likes numbers or card games, check out this fun Cars twist on Crazy Eights.


Nat Stats

Just for fun, if you have a child that is old enough to understand behind the scenes, this is a fun facts sheet.

Speed Reading Bookmarks

How about for the avid readers? Print these out on cardstock, and your child will love using their newest bookmarks!CARS

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