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Clarissa’s Pirate and Princess Vacations

Clarissas Pirate and Princess Vacations
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Discount: Twin Cities Kids Club members receive a free $25 Disney gift card
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FREE Disney Vacation Planning!

Book your next Disney vacation with Clarissa's Pirate and Princess Vacations, and Clarissa helps you plan the perfect family vacation, completely free! Plus Twin Cities Kids Club members receive a free $25 Disney gift card (offered with your final travel documents).

"I am as involved in the planning process as you’d like me to be. I can not only help you find the perfect resort and vacation package for your family, I can also help you customize your entire stay. Some examples include making restaurant reservations (180 days prior to vacation) and reserving your place in line with Fast pass (60 days prior). I am also very knowledgable in ways on how to save money while on vacation. You can think of me as your personal Disney Concierge!

"I am not only passionate about Disney, I am really do love helping people. I do this so no one goes to Disney and feels overwhelmed feeling like it was a waste to take their family. Disney is truly a Magical vacation when you use the tools Disney has out there to help plan your vacation. When you arrive to Orlando to start your vacation I want you to have as much as you can planned so you can enjoy every second of your stay!"

"I promise to make your next Disney Vacation fun and Stress-free! Let me help you create the perfect Disney Dream vacation for the little Pirate and Princess in your home!"  - Clarissa

Disney Vacations may include:

Disney World
Disney Cruise

FREE $25 Disney Gift Card

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Phone: 612-719-5938