The Best Valentines Gifts for Kids, For Her, and For Him

Surely we can all agree that Valentine’s Day is the second most fretful holiday, second to Christmas of course. We spend a fair amount of brain power thinking of that PERFECT gift for that special someone. That special someone who seemingly has everything. That hard to shop for person. Or the picky giftee.

Here is our compilation that is sure to have something for the special loved ones in your life, young and old.

For Her

From You:

Love NecklaceOpens in a new tab. from Nano Jewelry

Price: $139.00

Sure a necklace with a heart on it is predictable. However, a chain with a heart and “I Love You” written in 120 languages puts a spin on a classic gift.

The inscriptions are so tiny that you need a magnifying glass to see it. Lucky for you, a magnifying glass is complimentary with purchase. The lettering is so microscopic that, at first glance, the pendant looks like a fingerprint. That thought alone is enough to bring out a coinciding “awe” from an admirer. It’s likely that the receiver if this gift will receive compliments on just how thoughtful you are in finding this unique gift.


From the Kids:

Stress and Relaxation Bath BombsOpens in a new tab. From Rengora

Price: $18.97

Moms are the glue of families. They hold families together and keep things running functionally and smoothly. They invariably seem to be running the kids here or there. The laundry doesn’t wash and folds itself. Those tasty home-cooked meals don’t magically appear on the table. No, no, no. There are meal plannings and shopping trips that happen before that food made it to the house and prepared into meals. All while making sure that the family budget for food stays in check. It’s exhausting.

Help the mom in your life have a moment to herself with these luxurious bath bombs made with essential oils. The oils are explicitly picked to relieve stress and relax busy mommas. These bath bombs not only help mom have a zen moment, but they moisturize her skin at the same time.She emerges from the bathroom calmer and with skin not unlike a baby’s bottom.

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For Him

From You:

Nintendo NES Classic EditionOpens in a new tab. By Nintendo

Price: $203.99

Picture the two of you battling it out playing Super Mario Bros 2 just like you did back in the day. You know, before marriage, homeownership, and kids. The reprise of this classic game console may be a miniature version of the OG console, but it comes preloaded with 30 classic NES games.

Your main squeeze will be thrilled to show the kids the game he loved as a young lad. That can be fun to watch even if the kids are less enthusiastic.

AdobeStock 48482656

From the kids:

Star Wars Lightsaber SpatulaOpens in a new tab. From Underground Toys

Price: $22.99

This die-cut metal spatula with a lightsaber handle will guarantee that dad would be the grillmaster or king flapjack flipper while thwarting attacks from the dark side. All while being the envy of all the other dads on the block. This spatula marries novelty and functionality in one, thus making cooking a bit more entertaining than usual.


For the Kids

CandylandOpens in a new tab. from Hasbro

Price: $12.99

Teaching your son/daughter how to race each other to King Kandy’s Castle will surely bring on nostalgia for most parents. This game is perfect in fortifying your child’s color recognition. Preschoolers and elementary schoolers alike will love to play this game over and over.

Valentines Cupid DogOpens in a new tab. By Lego

Price: $36.95

Spending quality one on one time with mom and dad are the memories kiddos cherish. But finding an activity that you can do together can be challenging. Chances are your child is into Legos, right? This Valentines themed set is a perfect project to spend one on one-time building together.

Why You’re So AwesomeOpens in a new tab. Fill in Journal

Price: $9.71

This suggestion is more for the teenagers who are too cool to hang out with mom and dad. But it’s still nice to find alternative ways of connecting with one another.

family fun magazine

This fill in the blank journal is perfect for finding the right thing to say when you cannot think of the right thing to say. With suggestions like “I wish I were as awesome as you at _____.” Because we all know it feels nice when someone acknowledges you rock at something, or you that you accomplished a goal. Or maybe you want to provoke thought and create a dialogue with “Remember how awesome it was when ______?”  Your teenager will like this noninvasive way of keeping connected when life is busy with school, activities and social life.

Sure, you can show your loved ones how much you care any other day of the year. Make Valentine’s Day just a bit more special than the rest of the days of the year. Now that we have done the internet legwork for you snag one of the gifts above. Take your loved one(s) out to dinner, and tell them exactly what makes them so exceptional to you. It is a day for love after all.

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