Best Essential Oils for Sleep


As an adult, you have probably experienced at least one sleepless night during your lifetime. Not being able to fall asleep can stem from several things. If you have kids, you know all about those long nights of crying, nightmares, sickness, or just plain rambunctiousness that will not settle down. The everyday stress of life can leave you restless while laying in the dark trying to get valuable shut-eye. Several medications that claim to help with insomnia are on the shelf waiting for someone like you to buy them.

Instead of blowing tons of money on a drug that could have terrible side effects and the potential to leave you feeling drowsy the next day, try a natural sleep remedy. Certain essential oils can have a significant impact on those sleepless nights for you and your children. That’s right, no more three in the morning wake up calls for bad dreams or play time. Treat you and your family to a good night’s sleep with the following essential oils found on

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This essential oil is no surprise as it’s been known to help relax the body and mind for ages. Specific baby products contain lavender with the hope of helping baby relax and give Mom and Dad a little less hectic night themselves. Bath products, such as bath bombs and body washes, also exist for adults to assist in relaxation. This oil is excellent to add to the laundry to boost the smell and give your home a sweet fragrance without all the chemicals. In addition to the oil’s help with sleep and pleasant smell, it can also help with anxiety and depression. Lavender oil can treat health problems such as eczema, acne, migraines, psoriasis and much more. Amazon offers a four-ounce bottle of Lavender Essential Oil for $14.95 that is guaranteed fresh and pure.


Cedarwood is an essential oil that works beautifully and is extremely cost effective at just four cents a drop. That’s a lot cheaper than any of the medicines designed for the problems that it treats. Cedarwood supports the pineal glands healthy function. This gland produces melatonin, the natural sleep hormones of the body. The oil contains properties that help with a wide range of health issues such as metabolism and digestive system, while it improves skin and helps tighten muscles. Cedarwood is also known for treating asthma, stimulating hair growth, and improving focus.

The scent of the oil is woodsy but, if you don’t like the smell, you can always mix it with a little bit of lavender oil. Apply to the bottoms of your feet, cover them with socks and relax in bed until sleep arrives. Cedarwood Essential Oil sells on Amazon ranging from $10-$20, depending on the size of the bottle you wish to purchase.


Referred to as the “joy of the mountain” to the Greeks, and the “herb of happiness” to the Romans, marjoram essential oil is from leaves steamed and known to be incredibly soothing and relaxing to the nerves. Apply this oil to the back of the neck underneath the hairline. The smell of marjoram is sweet and woodsy. Marjoram Essential Oil sells on Amazon from $9-$28 depending on the size of the bottle.

Fresh and Dried

Chamomile Roman

Another top choice of mothers for years, chamomile roman, is safe for all ages. Perhaps you’ve heard of chamomile tea to help relax, unwind, and rest. This oil contains some of the same relaxing properties of the drink. The essential oil can be diffused into the air to help with tension and stress, or a few drops applied to bath time with peppermint to relieve the aches accumulated throughout the day. The cheapest Chamomile Roman Essential Oil found on Amazon, sells for $13.95 for 10 ml.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense oil has a wide range of benefits other than just sleep. It’s perfect for supporting rest, balancing emotions, boosting your body’s natural response to healing and calming your mind. This oil is also fantastic for the skin. It reduces wrinkles and stretch marks, protects skin cells, decreases acne and much more. It’s overall the perfect age and acne reducing product on the market. That’s right, throw out all those products that have failed you and replace them with frankincense. There was a reason the wise men brought it as a gift for baby Jesus. Or what is more for Mary? Frankincense markets on Amazon for $12.95 for one ounce.

Ylang Ylang

The meaning of ylang-ylang is “flower of flowers,” and it was historically used to cover newlywed couple’s beds on their wedding night. That is because the oil helps balance male and female energies, restores peace and supports focus. This essential oil will exchange negative feelings of anger, depression, and anxiety with those of joy and happiness. It also promotes hair health and will strengthen your hair follicles and leave a beautiful shine. The oil has a pleasant floral scent to assist with relaxation and good vibes. Find Ylang Ylang essential oil on Amazon for $12.95.


The smell of this essential oil might take some time to appreciate. It’s derived from the roots of the plant, giving it an earthy aroma. You can dilute it with citrus or lavender oil if the smell of it is repulsive.  Vetiver is great to try for sleep because it is psychologically grounding, stabilizing and calming. Find Vetiver Essential Oil on Amazon ranging from $12-$30, depending on your choice of bottle size.


These essential oils not only have the power to replace your sleepless nights with dreams, but also many health benefits that would let you declutter your medicine cabinet and toss those lotions and creams. Most of these products are appropriate for all ages, including infancy, because they are all pure and organic. They can be diffused, rubbed on the body, or inhaled. Try these oils and allow them to change your way of life one drop at a time.



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